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 шишка n | phrases
gener. bump (в френологии); lump; cone; knot; knob; sabre; excrescence; knar; knur; knurl; nub; swell (come the heavy swell over somebody - важничать перёд кем-либо); clour (на голове); goose-egg (от удара); knop; nubbin; snag (на дереве); high-ranker; worthy; magnate; high brass (Yeldar Azanbayev); goose egg; high muck a muck; higher up; boyar (Putin's problem is not staying in power. It is leaving it - without all hell breaking lose between rival boyars, and with his personal fortune intact. TG Alexander Demidov); founding mould core
ad. big fish (о человеке)
agric. bulge
amer., colloq. biggie; highhat
amer., jarg. big enchilada
amer.engl. major player (Maggie); top dog, top or fat cat, big fish, big cheese, hotshot, bigwig, head honcho, big or top gun, high man on the totem-pole, heavy-hitter, big man on campus, key player, big kahuna. (See also "важная птица" или "большой человек" Maggie)
biol. strobila (у хвойных); strobilus (у хвойных)
botan. strobile (хвойных); strobilus (хвойных)
colloq. nob; tycoon; wig; big boy; boss; high-muck-a-muck; mugwump; buzzwig; big bug; big pot; hot-shot; great gun; big cheese; big gun; high hat; a big noise; big deal; big noise; big shot; high-up; heavy hitter (prominent Andrey Truhachev); major (большая шишка в офисе Parasite); big man (Andrey Truhachev)
construct. pommel
eng. slub (дефект пряжи)
forestr. conelet (хвойных пород); strobilus (хвойных пород)
invect. big-ass; bigass
ironic. bashaw; panjandrum
jarg. bigwig; nibs; scoutmaster (особ. рекламного агентства, радиостанции); V.I.P.; vip; Visiting important person; nabs; Top banana (highbery); big wig (SAKHstasia)
jarg., Makarov. bee's knees (о человеке); the bee's knees (о человеке)
Makarov. slug
Makarov., jarg. the bee’s knees (о человеке)
math. cone (хвойных деревьев)
med. bulla; bosselation; bunion
obs. chief barge hauler
railw. core (формовочная)
 шишка prepos.
amer., colloq. highhat
 'шишка' n
gener. a big gun; a great gun; big card; great card; something; cock of the walk (Anglophile); high ranker; the cock of the walk; bigwig
colloq. higher-up (Taras)
hebr. macher (Aly19)
ironic. nibs; his nibs; somebody
jarg. hot-shot Charlie; real cheese; biggie; buzz-wig; cheese; don; gun big; high muck-a-muck; high muckety-musk; high pillow; high shot; high-monkey monk; hot shot; hot-shot; hotshot; king; knock; knocker; pow-wow; pumpkin; punkin; shot; skin; squeegie; squegee; hot short; prong (Andrey Truhachev)
sl. mogul (Supernova)
sports. pot
 "шишка" n
idiom. person in charge (jouris-t); Mr Big (Баян)
 шишки n
law. adminisphere (upper levels of management that are known for making stupid or impractical suggestions. LE2 Alexander Demidov)
textile. nibs
 (большая) "шишка" n
amer., ironic. mugwump
 / шишка = Grand Poobah n
colloq. Poobah (AndyMuscovite)
 Шишка n Siska
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