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 узел n | phrases
gener. center; centre; bundle; bend; part; joint (у растения); hitch; bun; knar; knur; nodus; parcel; tie; block; kink (в кручёной нитке); knot; gnarl; tie-knot; bale; peter; snarl; twine; assy (сокр. от assembly); junction; pack; woggle (узел;способ вязания узлов в терминологии скаутов juribt); ravel; hub (также перен.); intricacy
ad. nodal element
aerohydr. antinode (волны)
agric. assembly (см.тж. unit); joint (стебля растения); juncture (стебля растения)
arm.vech. subassembly
astr. vertex (в графе)
astronaut. tab
autom. mount; mounting; structure; substructure
av. knot (морская миля в час); lug; point (расчётной сетки)
biol. gnarl (на дереве)
botan. node; knot (лат. nodus)
combust. assembly (машины); knot (единица скорости хода судна); nodal
comput. crosspoint
construct. multiple bar joint; multiple joint
diplom. imbroglio (grafleonov)
dril. part element (насоса и т. п.); scheme
econ. component (агрегата)
el.chem. assembly (электродный)
electr. assembly; major node; branching point
eng. unit; assembly unit; construction unit; junction point (цепи); nodal point; node point; assemblage; branch point (цепи); cluster; component; detail (на чертеже); element; knurl; module; package; tangle; vertex; subassembly; subunit; joint connection; terminal; cross (матричной структуры); crosspoint (матричной структуры); part (часть блока); packaged system (Andrey Truhachev); assembly part (Andrey Truhachev); assembly component (Andrey Truhachev)
food.ind. sample unit (забора среды: продукта, пара, воды Маша Ф)
forestr. burl; knarl; package (станка, механизма); part (машины); piece
goldmin. intersection (Leonid Dzhepko); jointing (Leonid Dzhepko)
IT. cross-point (ПЛМ); cross (ПЛМ); portion; site; host (сети); net; path node; locale (кластера, системы распределенных вычислений или многоядерный процессор и ОЗУ ПК Alex_Odeychuk)
Makarov. assembly (в сборе); block (машины или аппарата); block (напр. конструкции); block (прибора); box; gnar (на дереве); junction (напр. электрической цепи); junction (электрической цепи); knot (несистемная единица скорости судна); module (унифицированный); struma; twist
math. juncture; pivotal point; construction; group; point (abab); the zeros of the Chebyshev polynomials are called the
math., graph.thero. fork
mech. connection joint
med. nodosity; ganglion; lump (опухолевый Studentus)
met. block (конструкции)
meteorol. knot (1 узел = 0,5 м/сек-1,8 км/ч)
Micr. host A computer that acts as a source of information or signals. The host computer provides services, such as news, mail, or data, to computers that connect to it. The term can refer to almost any kind of computer, from a centralized mainframe that is a host to its terminals, to a server that is host to its clients, to a desktop PC that is host to its devices, such as printers and scanners
milit. knot (1853,2 м/час Киселев); kit (оборудования)
milit., eng. bend (каната); joint (фермы); knot (единица скорости, равная 1 морской миле в час = 1,853 км/час); knot (каната); subassembly (агрегата)
movie. half hitch
nano. point (расчётной сетки, решетки)
navy. bender; kt (MichaelBurov); nodal point (орбиты, котидальных линий); knot (мера скорости судна); bend (тросовый); hitch (для крепления троса к рангоутному дереву, рыму); joint (конструкции); knot (единица скорости, 1 морская миля в час, 0,514 м/сек); nautical mile per hour (морская миля в час); tie (крепления)
net. Novell net
obs. fardel (с вещами)
oil&gas. skid (MichaelBurov)
polygr. station
polym. conjunction; cross-link (в макро молекулярных соединениях); dogled; nodule; section; tie point (химический)
progr. device (ssn)
qualit. equipment component
road.wrk. panel point (фермы)
robot. nest
sakh.a. trim
soft. stop (в графических редакторах: A stop marks the point at which a gradient changes from one color to the next, and is identified by a square below the gradient slider. bojana)
telecom. region; compound (oleg.vigodsky); node unit (oleg.vigodsky)
textile. snarl (ок)
textile., navy. knot (внесистемная единица скорости)
therm.eng. hookup
 S-A узел n
cardiol. SAN (MichaelBurov); SA node (MichaelBurov); S-A node (MichaelBurov); sinoatrial node (MichaelBurov); sino-atrial node (MichaelBurov); sinus node (MichaelBurov); Keith-Flack node (MichaelBurov); Keith-Flack's node (MichaelBurov); natural pacemaker (MichaelBurov); SA-узел (MichaelBurov)
 SA-узел n
cardiol. SAN (MichaelBurov); SA node (MichaelBurov); S-A node (MichaelBurov); sinoatrial node (MichaelBurov); sino-atrial node (MichaelBurov); sinus node (MichaelBurov); Keith-Flack node (MichaelBurov); Keith-Flack's node (MichaelBurov); natural pacemaker (MichaelBurov); S-A узел (MichaelBurov)
 A-V узел n
cardiol. A-V node (MichaelBurov); AV node (MichaelBurov); atrioventricular node (MichaelBurov); AVN (MichaelBurov); auricular-ventricular node (MichaelBurov); atrio-ventricular node (MichaelBurov); Aschoff-Tawara node (MichaelBurov); AV-узел (MichaelBurov)
 AV-узел n
cardiol. A-V node (MichaelBurov); AV node (MichaelBurov); atrioventricular node (MichaelBurov); AVN (MichaelBurov); auricular-ventricular node (MichaelBurov); atrio-ventricular node (MichaelBurov); Aschoff-Tawara node (MichaelBurov); A-V узел (MichaelBurov)
 узлы n
cab. key parts (основные части механизма)
IT. corner pieces
Makarov. nodi
med. ganglions; nodes
oil. spool piping (piping Seregaboss)
yacht. knots
 'узел' n
gener. arm-twist (борьба); arm twist
genet. knot (специфическое переплетение нити ДНК, образуемое топоизомеразами ; также "У. " - сплетение нескольких хромосом, известное в мейозе у некоторых видов растений)
 Web-узел n
IT. Web site
 узел (дорог) n
milit. centre; junction
 Web-узел n
net. World Wide Web website
 (унифицированный) узел n
autom. module
 (нервный) узел n
biol. ganglion
 SA узел n
cardiol. S-A-узел (MichaelBurov)
 (под)узел n
eng. S/A (sub assembly Enote)
 "узел" n
Makarov. arm-twist (борьба)
 (морской) узел n
metrol. knot (0, 514 м/с)
 узел MessageBox n
Micr. MessageBox node In the BizTalk Administration console, the node used to view a list of the currently running MessageBox databases
 узел Web n
net. Web site
 LonMark-узел n
progr. LonMark node (ssn)
 (собранный) узел n
qualit. assembly
 узел Web n website
 Узел GSN n
telecom. GSN (Georgy Moiseenko); gateway support node (Georgy Moiseenko)
 ATM-узел n
telecom. ATM node (oleg.vigodsky)
 CoPI-узел n
telecom. CoPI node (oleg.vigodsky)
 CoPL-узел n
telecom. CoPL node (oleg.vigodsky)
 DB-узел n
telecom. DB node (oleg.vigodsky)
 IN-узел n
telecom. IN node (oleg.vigodsky)
 IPv4-узел n
telecom. IPv4 node (oleg.vigodsky)
 узлы LGN n
telecom. LGNs (oleg.vigodsky)
 MCP-узел n
telecom. MCP node (oleg.vigodsky)
 MPLS-узел n
telecom. MPLS node (oleg.vigodsky)
 NetM-узел n
telecom. NetM node (oleg.vigodsky)
 узел A n
telecom. node A (oleg.vigodsky)
 Ethernet-узел n
telecom. Ethernet node (oleg.vigodsky)
 Lambda-узел n
telecom. node Lambda (oleg.vigodsky)
 PCU-узел n
telecom. PCU node (oleg.vigodsky)
 RPR-узел n
telecom. RPR node (oleg.vigodsky)
 SDH-узел n
telecom. SDH node (oleg.vigodsky)
 SIP-узел n
telecom. SIP node (oleg.vigodsky)
 SNMP-узел n
telecom. SNMP node (oleg.vigodsky)
 STMI-узел n
telecom. STMI node (oleg.vigodsky)
 VSD-узел n
telecom. VSD node (oleg.vigodsky)
 XML-узел n
telecom. XML node (oleg.vigodsky)
gener. insoluble problem (ALJ)
 узел (на щитовидной железе) n
med. swelling thyroid (WAHinterpreter)
 FTP-узел n
Micr. ftp site (Andy)
 узел BGP n
Micr. BGP peer A peer connected to other peers on the Border Gateway Protocol level
 узел WOPI n
Micr. WOPI host A host server, such as SharePoint Server, that uses WOPI to support file operations and provides a wrapper for the WOPI application UI
 Узел TPS n
oil&gas. TPS Node (Honeywell)
 (сборочный) узел n
qualit. subassembly
 AN2000-узел n
telecom. AN2000 node (oleg.vigodsky)
 ADMOSS-узел n
telecom. ADMOSS node (oleg.vigodsky)
 AuP-узел n
telecom. AuP node (oleg.vigodsky)
 CoPl-узел n
telecom. CoPl based node (oleg.vigodsky)
 CP-узел n
telecom. CP node (oleg.vigodsky)
 hiQ-узел n
telecom. hiQ node (oleg.vigodsky)
 IP-узел n
telecom. IP node (oleg.vigodsky)
 ISDN-узел n
telecom. ISDN node (oleg.vigodsky)
 узел LS2020 n
telecom. LS2020 node (oleg.vigodsky)
 MG-узел n
telecom. MG node (oleg.vigodsky)
 NE-узел n
telecom. NE node (oleg.vigodsky)
 NGN-узел n
telecom. NGN node (oleg.vigodsky)
 NTM-узел n
telecom. NTM node (oleg.vigodsky)
 Netra-узел n
telecom. Netra node (oleg.vigodsky)
 узел STMI V2 n
telecom. STMI V2 node (oleg.vigodsky)
 узлы ONN n
telecom. ONNs (oleg.vigodsky)
 PNNI-узел n
telecom. PNNI node (oleg.vigodsky)
 SCCP-узел n
telecom. SCCP node (oleg.vigodsky)
 SDT1-узел n
telecom. SDT1 node (oleg.vigodsky)
 SISA-узел n
telecom. SISA node (oleg.vigodsky)
 SS7-узел n
telecom. SS7 node (oleg.vigodsky)
 SUA-узел n
telecom. SUA node (oleg.vigodsky)
 X.25-узел n
telecom. X.25 node (oleg.vigodsky)
 "Узел" n
USA. the Hub (прозвище г. Бостона (штат Массачусетс) Vitaliyb)
 1 узел n
yacht. knots (1852 м/час)
 CA-узел n: Russian thesaurus
abbr., cardiol. (Лорина)
  узел: 7242 phrases in 215 subjects
Abbreviation2 Cellular communications1 Geology7 Metallurgy37 Radio1
Accounting2 Cellulose1 Geomorphology3 Meteorology4 Railway term18
Acoustics1 Cement4 Geophysics3 Metrology6 Relay protection and automation17
Advertising3 Chemical weapons73 Gold mining5 Microelectronics12 Research and development1
Aerohydrodynamics2 Chemistry1 Graph theory1 Microsoft173 Road traffic1
Agriculture6 Cinema1 Greek1 Military253 Road works24
Airborne forces2 Clinical trial1 Greenhouse technology1 Mining11 Robots35
Aluminium industry2 Coal2 Gynecology5 Mountain climbing12 Roll stock2
American1 Combustion gas turbines1 Gyroscopes6 Municipal engineering1 Safety3
American English1 Communications40 Heating2 Nanotechnology36 Sakhalin133
Anatomy147 Computer graphics1 Histology4 Naval156 Sakhalin A4
Animal breeding6 Computers72 Household appliances9 Network technologies173 Sakhalin R21
Antennas and waveguides17 Construction155 Hydraulic engineering1 Neurology6 Sakhalin S7
Antiaircraft1 Crystallography2 Hydraulics1 Office equipment19 SAP7
Apollo-Soyuz9 Customs1 Hydroelectric power stations1 Oil110 SAP tech.18
Architecture12 Dactyloscopy4 Hydrology10 Oil processing plants4 Science2
Armored vehicles13 Databases1 Immunology32 Oil&gas79 Security14
Arms production17 Dentistry32 Industrial economy3 Oil&Gas technology34 Seismology6
Artificial intelligence1 Die casting1 Information security1 Oilfield15 Set phrase1
Astrology7 Diplomatic term1 Information technology342 Oncology9 Shipbuilding14
Astronautics127 Drawing1 Instruments1 Optics2 Silicates2
Astronomy9 Drilling41 Insurance1 Orthopedics1 Slang10
Atomic energy6 EBRD2 Intelligence service1 Packing2 Small arms1
Australian slang2 Ecology6 International trade1 Patents4 Software2
Automatic control1 Economy7 Internet11 Pharmacy1 Solar energy7
Automation222 Electric machinery2 Jargon1 Phraseological unit2 Spacecraft13
Automobile industry64 Electrical engineering38 Karachaganak19 Physics1 Sports5
Aviation158 Electrochemistry7 Law5 Physiology5 Telecommunications398
Aviation medicine7 Electronics56 Linguistics17 Pipelines12 Telegraphy1
Banking5 Energy system14 Logistics10 Plastics2 Telephony3
Bicycle11 Engineering912 Machine components2 Plumbing2 Tengiz18
Biology31 Facilities4 Makarov334 Politico-military term2 Textile78
Biotechnology1 Fire extinguishing7 Management3 Polygraphy23 Thermal engineering20
Botanical term5 Fisheries3 Marketology1 Polymers24 Trade unions2
Building materials6 Fishery28 Mass media2 Post2 Transport18
Building structures2 Flow measurement6 Matches2 Power engineering71 TV6
Business5 Food industry4 Mathematics190 Printed circuits2 Valves1
Cables22 Foreign Ministry1 Measuring equipment2 Printing 3d1 Veterinary medicine2
Camera recording2 Forestry22 Mechanic engineering13 Production19 Virology3
Cardiology207 Gas processing plants2 Mechanics35 Programming376 Water supply9
Cartography1 Gear2 Medical432 Psychology1 Wood processing10
Caspian12 General subject300 Medical appliances3 Pumps1 Yachting22
Celestial mechanics1 Genetics3 Melioration2 Quality control27 Zoology1