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 шлёпнуться гл. | фразы
общ. plop; flop; plonk; plunk; splash; tumble; plop down (Tony19); plump; fall with a wallop; thud; whop; flop down; drop (e.g., "he dropped into the chair" Рина Грант); collapse (to completely relax the muscles of your body because you are very tired, upset, etc. She came home from work and collapsed on the sofa. george serebryakov)
диал., разг. wallop
Макаров. go plash; go down with a wallop; plonk down; plump down; splash into
Макаров., разг. plunk down
разг. hit the ground (with a thud 4uzhoj); pancake (Andrey Truhachev); take a spill (VLZ_58)
Gruzovik, разг. hit against (pf of шлёпаться); knock against (pf of шлёпаться); fall with a plop (pf of шлёпаться)
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