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 шлёпнуться v | phrases
gener. plop; flop; plonk; plunk; splash; tumble; plop down (Tony19); plump; fall with a wallop; thud; whop; flop down; drop (e.g., "he dropped into the chair" Рина Грант)
colloq. hit the ground (with a thud 4uzhoj); pancake (Andrey Truhachev); take a spill (VLZ_58)
dial.,   colloq. wallop
Gruzovik,   colloq. hit against (pf of шлёпаться); knock against (pf of шлёпаться); fall with a plop (pf of шлёпаться)
Makarov. go plash; go down with a wallop; plonk down; plump down; splash into
Makarov.,   colloq. plunk down
  шлёпнуться: 16 phrases in 2 subjects
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