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 игнорировать гл. | фразы
общ. balk; disregard; defy; cut (cut somebody dead - совершенно игнорировать кого-либо); eliminate; put on one side; shrug something off; high-hat (кого-л.); ice out; overjump; brush aside; contemn (закон, опасность); elide; give the goby (wherever you see this (and it's all over Multitran), remember that a goby is a fish, and try "go-by" instead. Liv Bliss); snap finger at (кого-л., что-л.); overleap; leave severely alone (в знак неодобрения); slight over (что-л.); skate over (Anglophile); skate around (Anglophile); marginalize (ABelonogov); bypass (You cannot bypass these rules! - Ты не можешь игнорировать эти правила! Franka_LV); give silent treatment (Franka_LV); shine somebody on (to ignore a person or situation КГА); high hat; highhat; blink (факт); sink; cut dead (кого-л.); give the back (кого-л.); snap fingers at; turn a deaf ear to; baulk (Dim); Aside (Min$draV); shrug off (adroit); turn a blind eye to (Andrey Truhachev); slight (что-л.); be left out in the cold (Women's football teams feel they are left out in the cold as far as media coverage is concerned. Игорь Миг); leave smb. out in the cold (There was a party last night, but my friends left me out in the cold. Игорь Миг); waive (MichaelBurov); put by; shut one's ears to something; shut one's mind to (Interex); flush (кого-л.); shun (Kate1411); brush off (Meanwhile, many shoppers brush off the warning and buy snacks with olestra. Игорь Миг); shrink from (Игорь Миг); not to bat an eye (Игорь Миг); trample over (There is a disturbing trend, I might add, of the government trampling over private members' bills, including those of its own backbenchers. Игорь Миг); give the cold shoulder to (Do you see how she gives me the cold shoulders? Игорь Миг); spurn (The Trump administration can reverse that trend by insisting on Russia’s respect for the Monroe Doctrine while spurning the advice of hawks who think the United States can and should assert dominance in Ukraine and other portions of Eastern Europe. Игорь Миг); run roughshod over (Currency traders should have no chance to run roughshod over developing and industrializing countries. Игорь Миг); give a miss (Игорь Миг); not to care a pin (что-л.); sweep under the carpet (Such complexities cannot be swept under the carpet. Игорь Миг); pooh-pooh (It had been my foolish way to pooh-pooh the old saying that there is no twilight in the tropics. Игорь Миг); brush under the carpet (Игорь Миг); cast aside (... good sense and the views on the opposite side are cast aside in favor of a hard line ... NI.2016 Игорь Миг); be heedless of the fact that (Игорь Миг); dismiss (VLZ_58); be dismissive of (Игорь Миг); let something slide (Игорь Миг); sidestep (Игорь Миг); gloss over (But the Committee tended to gloss over such issues. ** We can no longer gloss over the fact that citizens are starting to think that the cost of the euro is too high for Europe. Игорь Миг); что-л. be oblivious to (A.Rezvov); sideline (Игорь Миг); renege on (Israel continues to renege on its commitments Игорь Миг); shy away from (Modern Russia is a legal successor to the Soviet Union, and yet the nation shies away from its date of birth.17 ** We cannot shy away from such issues and the Monitoring Team's report and recommendations have already stimulated discussion and provided a basis on which to focus debate. Игорь Миг); take no notice (намеренно: It would be better to take no notice. - Лучше проигрорировать. ART Vancouver); что-л remain blind to smth (Wif); leave out (Игорь Миг); give the cold shoulder (One minute women are attracted to you, The next, they give you the cold shoulder. Игорь Миг); diss (VLZ_58); leave out of the loop (Игорь Миг); keep out of the loop (Игорь Миг); be insensitive to (They are insensitive to the demands of the majority, very often tortured by hunger, unemployment, indifference and exclusion. Игорь Миг); thumb nose at (azalan); pay no heed (Игорь Миг); pay no heed to (It pays no heed to international law. Игорь Миг); foil (But Putin, ever the feisty debater, didn't leave it there, taking a swipe at the U.S. election system. "Do you think the U.S. elections are democratic?" he asked, noting that twice in American history the will of the majority has been foiled. "We never criticized, so why are you meddling in our affairs?" ||| CNN, США (2016) <> Мастер публичной полемики, он не удержался, чтобы не развить тему: «А что, вы считаете, что там демократические выборы президента, что ли?— спросил он, добавив, что как минимум дважды в истории США воля большинства была проигнорирована. — Ну тогда не лезьте к нам. Что вы лезете-то?» Butterfly812; по причине тех. сбоя за “Бабочкой 1812 года” записана статья Игорь Миг)
амер. tune out (ignore someone or something, as in "He tunes me out every time I ask him about the money that he owes me." Interex); cool on (слэнг янис из табакерки); flout (as in "flouting the rules" Val_Ships)
амер., сл. cool (кого-л., что-л.)
амер.англ. кого-л. или не замечать walk on by someone (in a figurative sense, it means to ignore someone Val_Ships)
бизн. discount; neglect; overlook
вчт. override (предварительно оговоренные условия); drop
идиом. turn a blind eye (Taras); кого-л. put the chill on someone (She was pretty snooty till we all put the chill on her. kentgrant); give the silent treatment (the act of ignoring someone because you are angry at him or her VLZ_58)
книжн. contemn (закон, опасность и т.п.)
книжн., арх. dissemble
комп. skip
Майкр. ignore To mark an e-mail conversation so that all current and future messages in the conversation are automatically moved to the Deleted Items folder
Макаров. give smb. the back (кого-л.); set aside; brush away; cut dead; leave smb. severely alone (в знак неодобрения или презрения; кого-л.); let severely alone (в знак неодобрения); make smb. look small (кого-л.); miss out; shut one's ears to smth.; skate; snap one's finger at smb. (кого-л.); snap one's finger at smb., at smth. (кого-л., что-л.); snap one's fingers at smb., smth. (кого-л., что-л.); toss aside; turn out in the cold (кого-л.); put to one side
одеж. not to give the time of the day (Игорь Миг)
пат. omit
ПО. mute (Android, о сообщении и подобном, https://goo.gl/XnvgLS visitor)
разг. flusher; give someone the cold shoulder (кого-л. TarasZ); shut out (sunshine_russia); flush; pay no mind (VLZ_58); see past (VLZ_58); hold out on somebody (I sent my request some weeks ago but they are still holding out on me — Я послал свою просьбу несколько недель назад, но пока ни ответа, ни привета VLZ_58)
сл. blow off (VLZ_58); stage; brush off brush-off; chill; flash; give someone or something the go-by; igg; kiss off; put the chill freeze on someone; scrub; up-stage; upstage; ice; put the freeze on (Interex); big league (They totally big leagued us at the event. joyand); кого-л. shine someone on (To ignore someone or continuously not follow through with an engagement. "Where were you last Friday? You never called me back. I hate it when you shine me on like that." VLZ_58)
табу., груб. fuck somebody about (кого-л.)
фраз. close one's eyes (To ignore. Interex)
эк. skip over (A.Rezvov)
 игнорироваться гл.
общ. get ignored (англ. термин взят из публикации компании AdaCore, North American Office, США Alex_Odeychuk); disregard; ignore
мат. be disregarded; be neglected; be ignored
 игнорируя гл.
общ. in disregard for (In disregard of international opinion, Israel had continued its illegal settlement policy in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem - Игнорируя мнение международного сообщества, Израиль продолжает осуществлять свою незаконную политику строительства поселений на оккупированной палестинской территории, включая Восточный Иерусалим Игорь Миг); in disregard of (Игорь Миг)
 игнорировать - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/scotland/6731739.stm гл.
общ. ride roughshod over (Tanya Gesse)
 игнорируется гл.
нефт.газ. is bypassed
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