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  travails n
gen. тяготы (Telecaster)
Игорь Миг проблемы (Despite its current travails, it will discover a path to prosperity when the US does.); муки (But I'm sure the lord will see Omar through his travails.); мучения (Very fit, in spite of all his travails. Весьма здоровый, несмотря на все его мучения.); страдания (We pray that their travails will be over soon. Мы молимся, чтобы их страдания прекратились как можно скорее.); беды (That country's current travails can only end with the establishment of a broad-based, representative and neutral Government); испытания (I know that over the years, you've suffered your own travails and you can relate to a profound sense of guilt.); трудности (Yet the plain truth is that America's economic and military travails are crimping its foreign-policy options vis-à-vis China.); тяжёлый труд (The dearth of pale actors, actresses, corporate leaders, and politicians confirms that a tan is identified with health, wealth, and power, rather than the travails of the working class, as in the past.); тяжкие труды (My travails have unearthed a fascinating case.); тяжёлая работа (More vivid in people's minds are the stories they will one day tell their grandchildren about their travails and their economic heroism.); сложности (= проблемы /// VEB’s travails are the latest reversal for the Putin system, hit by the plunge in oil prices and U.S. and European Union sanctions. |||| Bloomberg, США (2016)); передряги; несчастия; перипетии (And it is that credibility and confidence that have been challenged by the travails of the oil-for-food programme.); раздрай (It’s not easy rewriting history to create a new Russian identity out of the contradictory narratives of czarism, Bolshevism and the post-Communist travails -– NYT.17)
  travail ['træveɪl] n
gen. тяжёлый труд; потуги; острая боль; мука
med. роды; родовой акт
mil., tech. сани-волокуши
obs. родовые муки
relig. страдание
  travail ['træveɪl] v
gen. выполнять трудную работу; напрягаться; мучиться в родах; тяжело трудиться; выполнять тяжёлую работу
med. рожать
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