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  publicize ['pʌblɪsaɪz] v
gen. рекламировать; оглашать; разглашать; оповещать; разрекламировать; разгласить; огласить; оповестить; известить; пропагандировать (Lavrov); прорекламировать; предавать гласности; освещать (напр., в средствах массовой информации User); огласиться; оглашаться; рекламироваться; давать огласку (чему-либо Юрий Гомон); обращать внимание общества (на что-либо Юрий Гомон); доводить до всеобщего сведения (to attract the public's attention to something by providing information about it: "The construction company launched an advertising and internet campaign to publicize the affordable homes scheme. highly/much/widely publicized "The former Hollywood star was acquitted during a highly publicized and controversial trial. CBED Alexander Demidov); публично сообщать (1. to give information about something to the public, so that they know about it: • Emissions have been reduced significantly and car makers have publicized these advances in their advertising. 2. well-/​widely/​highly publicized receiving a lot of attention: • The company's well-publicized financial problems have forced it to spend time reassuring customers about its future. LBED Alexander Demidov); публично сообщать о (to make something known to the public; to advertise something: We use a range of promotional products to publicize the brand. • a highly/much/widely publicized event. OBED Alexander Demidov); афишировать (Yan Mazor); извещать
mil. опубликовать
Игорь Миг, polit. обнародовать
  publicized v
media. разглашённый
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