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 USB abbr.
abbr. Ultimate Security Breakdown; Unusually Slow Bus; A Universal Studios Bridge; Ultra Stupid Butthead; Under Skirt Bush; unified S-band; Unused Stupid Brake; Upper Side Band; Utterly Stupid Blooper
abbr., avia. upper sideband; upper-surface blowing
abbr., ed., scient. Undergraduate School of Business; University of South Berkly
abbr., fant./sci-fi. Unstable Synthetic Brain
abbr., geol., scient. Useless Steam Blowhole
abbr., IT Universal Serial Bus; universal serial bus (Andrey Truhachev); Universal Serial BUS
abbr., media. Universal Studio Bridge; Universal Style Bank
abbr., mil. Upper Sideband; Universal Signal Bus; Upper Surface Blowing (wing design); upper side band
abbr., scottish Upper SideBand
abbr., st.exch. U S Bancorp of Delaware
abbr., tradem. Ultimate Sound Bank; Union State Bank
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