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 UM [ʌm] abbr.
abbr. Ubiquitous Museum; Ultimate Member; Union Meeting; Utter Madness; Universal Mgf; University Of Morons; Unvoiced Mutation; University of Maryland; University Microfilms
abbr., avia. unit manufacture; urgent measure
abbr., chem., scient. User Model
abbr., comp. user manager
abbr., comp., net., IT Unified Messaging
abbr., dril. upper margin (MichaelBurov)
abbr., ultramafic rocks; unclassified metamorphics; University of Massachusetts; University Michigan; upper mantle
abbr., ed., scient. University of Manitoba; University of Miami, Florida; University Of Michigan; University of Michigan
abbr., inet. Up Mine
abbr., IT User Mode; uniform memory access (Alex_Odeychuk)
abbr., mil. Unit Manager; User Manual; Unintentional Modulation; Unscheduled Maintenance
abbr., oil Umiat Meridian; unable to maintain; unclassified meta. (metamorphic rock); upper medium; upper Miocene; urgent memorandum; urgent message
abbr., patents. utility model (igisheva)
abbr., police Unsolicited Message
abbr., polit. USA Minor Outlying Islands
abbr., relig. United Methodist; Universal Message
abbr., space underwater mechanics; unmatched
abbr., sport. Ultra Maniac; Undefeated Masters
abbr., st.exch. Utah Medical Products, Inc.
abbr., tradem. The Ultra Mirage; Universal Mediterranea
abbr., transp. Uninsured Motorist; unaccompanied minor (Marina_Onishchenko)
abbr., unit.meas. unit of measure; unit of measurement
tech. undermentioned
 UM [ʌm] abbr.
abbr., el. universal modem; University of Minnesota; upper memory; upper mode; user module
 um [ʌm] abbr.
abbr. micron
abbr., busin. unmarried
 Um [ʌm] abbr.
abbr., telecom. TETRA air interface
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