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abbr. Tin Over Cardboard; Total Ownership Cost; Terror Of Cats; The Obliteration Committee; Time Out Of Class; Total Optical Color; total ordering cost; Treaty Operations Center; Typically Out Of Control; television operating centre
abbr., archit., scient. Top Of Casing
abbr., avia. top of climb; control transfer; Technical Operations Coordinator
abbr., busin. temporary duty certificate; total online production system
abbr., chem., scient. Total Organic Carbon
abbr., commer. Task Order Contract
abbr., Thai Oil Co.; Thai Olefins Co.
abbr., tables on contents; total organic component; total organics concentrations
abbr., econ. taking-over certificate (Пахно Е.А.); theory of constraint (MichaelBurov)
abbr., ed., scient. Time Out of Class
abbr., el., scient. Total Oxidizable Carbon
abbr., foreig.aff. transnational organised crime
abbr., IT total order cost
abbr., math., scient. Theory Of Constraints
abbr., med. Test Of Cure; test-of-cure (bel_linguist)
abbr., media. The Omnipotent Critic
abbr., met. top-blown oxygen converter
abbr., mil. Table Of Contents; Tactical Operations Center; Technical Order Compliance; Transfer Of Control; Transportation Operating Command; Test Observation Center; tactical operations center; tanker airlift control center TALCE operations center
abbr., mil., WMD Transfers of Custody
abbr., O&G tons coal equivalent (MichaelBurov); tons of coal equivalent (MichaelBurov); top of cement (MichaelBurov); total organic carbon (MichaelBurov)
abbr., O&G, sakh. cement level; cement top
abbr., O&G. tech. Tag Open Cup (DAKK)
abbr., oil top of casing; top of concrete; total oxygen control; top of cement (andrushin); tag on cement; thin oil column; tool orbital clamp; total organic content
abbr., polym. target optimization control
abbr., railw. Consolidated Rail Corporation
abbr., space tactical operation center; target-optimization control; time of crash; time out circuit
abbr., sport. Tagliabue Open Cup; Tournament Of Champions; Tournaments Of Champions
abbr., st.exch. Thermo Optek Corporation
abbr., tradem. Train Operating Company
comp. time-of-coincidence
construct. taking over certificate (Пахно Е.А.)
ecol., abbr. total organic carbon
mil. technical order compliance; test operations center; test operations change; theater of operations command; theater of operations commander; total operating cost; transfer of control; travel order card; troop operations center; turn-on command
tech. television operating center; top of core
 toc abbr.
abbr. table of contents; ton of coal equivalent
dril. top of the cement
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