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abbr. Tin Over Cardboard; Total Ownership Cost; Terror Of Cats; The Obliteration Committee; Time Out Of Class; Total Optical Color; total ordering cost; Treaty Operations Center; Typically Out Of Control; television operating centre
abbr., archit., scient. Top Of Casing
abbr., avia. top of climb; control transfer; Technical Operations Coordinator
abbr., busin. temporary duty certificate; total online production system
abbr., commer. Task Order Contract
abbr., Thai Oil Co.; Thai Olefins Co.
abbr., tables on contents; total organic component; total organics concentrations
abbr., ecol. total organic carbon
abbr., econ. taking-over certificate (Пахно Е.А.); theory of constraint (MichaelBurov)
abbr., ed., scient. Time Out of Class
abbr., el. total oxidizable carbon (content); technical operating center; technique operation center; telemetry output channel; television operation center; time of coincidence; type of call; typer output control ler
abbr., foreig.aff. transnational organised crime
abbr., IT total order cost
abbr., math., scient. Theory Of Constraints
abbr., med. Test Of Cure; test-of-cure (bel_linguist)
abbr., media. The Omnipotent Critic
abbr., met. top-blown oxygen converter
abbr., mil. Table Of Contents; Tactical Operations Center; Technical Order Compliance; Transfer Of Control; Transportation Operating Command; Test Observation Center; tactical operations center; tanker airlift control center TALCE operations center; timing operations center
abbr., mil., WMD Transfers of Custody
abbr., O&G tons coal equivalent (MichaelBurov); tons of coal equivalent (MichaelBurov); top of cement (MichaelBurov); total organic carbon (MichaelBurov)
abbr., O&G, sakh. cement level; cement top
abbr., O&G. tech. Tag Open Cup (DAKK)
abbr., oil top of casing; top of concrete; total oxygen control; top of cement (andrushin); tag on cement; thin oil column; tool orbital clamp; total organic content
abbr., polym. target optimization control
abbr., railw. Consolidated Rail Corporation
abbr., space tactical operation center; target-optimization control; time of crash; time out circuit
abbr., sport. Tagliabue Open Cup; Tournament Of Champions; Tournaments Of Champions
abbr., st.exch. Thermo Optek Corporation
abbr., tradem. Train Operating Company
comp. time-of-coincidence
construct. taking over certificate (Пахно Е.А.)
ecol., abbr. total organic carbon
mil. technical order compliance; test operations center; test operations change; theater of operations command; theater of operations commander; total operating cost; transfer of control; travel order card; troop operations center; turn-on command
tech. television operating center; top of core
 toc abbr.
abbr. table of contents; ton of coal equivalent
dril. top of the cement
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