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 SPP abbr.
abbr. Seconds Per Page; Shaq Phool Posse; Snort Pre Processor; Spain Property Pages; Statement Of Planning Policy; Sequenced Packet Protocol; Shared Production Program; small power producer (Leonid Dzhepko); Southwest Power Pool; Standard Psychophysiological Preparation; still picture projector; Stupid Political Post; Scott Paper Co.
abbr., austral. Specific Purpose Payment
abbr., avia. Menongue, Angola; sequence packet protocol; service provision point; signal processing peripheral; special purpose processor; speech path processing; standard passenger payload
abbr., bot., scient. Species
abbr., busin. small packets post
abbr., commun. Service Provisioning Point (IN)
abbr., comp., IT System Platform Processor
abbr., comp., net., IT Session Participation Probability; Standard Parallel Port
abbr., simplified project and programme
abbr., solar physics payloads; Southern Pacific Petroleum NL
abbr., ed. State Program Plan
abbr., el., scient. Single- Phase Printing
abbr., file.ext. Standard Printer Port
abbr., IT Scalable Parallel Processing; Scalable Parallel Processor; Serial Port Profile; Sprint Printer file
abbr., law Statutory Paternity Pay
abbr., med. Plural Of Species; Sexuality Preference Profile; Skin Perfusion Pressure; Small Plaque Parapsoriasis; Suprapubic Prostatectomy; Sociedad Peruana De Pediatría; Society For Pediatric Pathology; Société Psychanalytique De Paris; skin perfusion pressure (harser)
abbr., mil. Scenario Preparation Program; Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America; shared production program; State Partnership Program (NG)
abbr., mil., WMD Standard policies and procedure; Standard Program Procedure (s)
abbr., nano solar powerplant
abbr., O&G, oilfield. separation and pumping point (пункт сепарации и перекачки Aiduza)
abbr., O&G, sahk.r. stand pipe pressure
abbr., O&G, sakh. site preparation plan
abbr., oil standpipe pressure; shear pin packer; slurry polymerization process; steady production pack; suspended particulate phase; system package plan
abbr., Policy Affairs Service
abbr., pharm. sulfaphenazole
abbr., polym. syndiotactic polypropylene (kumold)
abbr., product. standard production procedure (kentgrant)
abbr., scottish Special Purpose Pistol
abbr., sec.sys. sequential pattern processor
abbr., sol.pow. SEGS (MichaelBurov); solar electric generating station (MichaelBurov); solar power plant (MichaelBurov); solar power station (MichaelBurov); SPS (MichaelBurov)
abbr., space scientific power platform; sensor pointing platform
abbr., st.exch. Sappi, LTD.; Share Purchase Plan
energ.ind. standard power project
mil. spare parts provisioning; standard practice procedures; surplus personal property
tech. solar physics payload; speed-power product
 spp. abbr.
abbr., med. species (plural)
 spp abbr.
biol. species
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