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 RUT [rʌt] abbr.
abbr. Radical Urban Theory
abbr., avia. Rutland State Airport, Rutland, Vermont USA
abbr., med. rapid urease test (Andrey Truhachev)
abbr., mil., avia. standard regional route transmitting frequencies
abbr., oil rigging up tools; rigging-up tools
abbr., railw. Vermont Railway Incorporated
tech. rigging-up of tools
univer., ed., scient. Rutgers University
 Rut [rʌt] abbr.
abbr., Rutland
 RUTS abbr.
abbr., oil reliability information and failure tracking system
 Rut. abbr.
abbr. Rutlandshire (Anglophile)
 rut [rʌt] abbr.
abbr., rutile
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