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 RSS abbr.
abbr. Real Slim Shady; Rotating Service Structure; Radio Service Software; Rail Security Service; Rail Surveillance Service; Ready For Selfless Service; Really Safe Solution; Really Sexy Site; Really Sexy Stuff; Really Simplified Stuff; Really Stupid Stuff; Red Sound Systems; Regression Sum Of Squares; Relaxed Static Stability; Religious Studies Society; Remote Sensing Science; Remote Site Subsystem; Remote Switch Subsystem; Remote Switching Sites; Remote Switching System; Revised Statutes Of Saskatchewan; Ribbed Smoked Sheets; Rich Site Specification; Roach Support System; Room Scheduling System; Routers, Servers, and Switches; Rumour Super Service; route selection services; Redwood standard second; square root of the sum square; Royal Statistical Society
abbr., avia. Roster Scheduling Specialist
abbr., BrE Royal Security Service
abbr., comp., net. route selection service
abbr., comp., net., IT Remote Support Software
abbr., dril. Rotary Steerable System (Kazuroff); rotary steerable system (Alexander Demidov)
abbr., random satellite system; Remote Sensing Society; remote start system; residual sum of squares of deviations; resource security system; root-sum-square; Royal Statistical Society (UK)
abbr., el. Rogers solderless system; rack and stack switch; rapid-scan spectrometer; raster scan ning system; reactive system sensitivity; remote subscriber switch; remote switching stage; removable storage solution; reset/synchronization signal; resource sharing system; robot servo system; square root of the sum of the squares; route switching subsystem
abbr., file.ext. EPOC RESource Source File
abbr., inet. Really Simple Syndication; Rich Site Summary
abbr., IT Reduced Space Symbology
abbr., math., scient. Resident Set Size; Residual Sum Of Squares; Root Sum Square
abbr., med. Repetitive Stress Syndrome; Russell-Silver Syndrome; Réseau Santé Social; Résumééde Sortie Standardisé; Repetitive stress syndrome
abbr., media. Real Simple Syndication
abbr., mil. Rdf Site Summary; Rapid Spectral Search; really simple syndication; remote sensors subsystem; root-sum-squared
abbr., mil., WMD Rapid Response System; rocket shear station
abbr., oil rapid scan spectrometer; recoverable shear strain; Redwood standard seconds; reference sound source; residual shear stress; residual sum of square; resource survey satellite; rotary shaft seal; rotary stepping switch; risk scoring system
abbr., opt. ray surfaces per second
abbr., polym. ribbed smoked sheet
abbr., post Residual Shape Surcharge (2006)
abbr., reliabil. reliability stress screening
abbr., scottish Radar Simulation System (USA); Receive Sonar System; Remote Slave Set; Remote Surveillance System; Rosette Scanning Seeker
abbr., space radio science subsystem; range safety switch; raster software system; remote sensing satellite; robotic satellite servicer
abbr., stat. Royal Statistical Society (Королевское статистическое общество Азери)
abbr., tech. Radio Standart Specification (Канада fa158)
abbr., telecom. received signal strength (Dmitry)
comp. remote slave station
mil. radar signal simulator; radiated simulation system; radio subsystem; range safety system; ready service spares; reflection suppressor system; regional security system; rehabilitation support schedule; relative system sensitivity; remote safety switch; remote sensing system; rifle sharpshooter
O&G remote signal system
tech. reactor safety study; reactor scram system; reactor shutdown system; recirculation spray system; relay setting sheet; remote shutdown system; reserve shutdown system
 RSs abbr.
abbr. requirement specification (igisheva); requirements specification (igisheva)
tech. related services
 rss abbr.
gen. Really Simple Syndication (alk)
opt. root sum square
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