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 pop [pɔp] abbr.
abbr., AmE soft drink (прохладительный газированный напиток Val_Ships)
 POP [pɔp] abbr.
abbr. Point Of Purchase; Pride Of Place; Pacific Ocean Park (nautical theme park Alex Lilo); Package for Online Programming (Alex Lilo); Package-Oriented Programming (Alex Lilo); Pay One Price (Alex Lilo); Payment on Principal (lending Alex Lilo); Persistent Occipitoposterior Position (complication of labor and delivery Alex Lilo); Picture of Performance (human resources Alex Lilo); Picture on Profile (roleplaying gaming Alex Lilo); Picture Outside Picture (television feature Alex Lilo); Planes of Power (Everquest expansion Alex Lilo); Polar Orbiting Platform (ASPRS Alex Lilo); popping; Parity of Product (Alex Lilo); Peak Overpressure (Alex Lilo); Piece of Pie (Alex Lilo); Place of Performance (Alex Lilo); Plaster of Paris (Alex Lilo); Point of Penetration (Alex Lilo); Point of Production (Alex Lilo); Prince of Peace (Alex Lilo); Probability of Paternity (Alex Lilo); Probability of Precipitation (Alex Lilo); Prodigies of Peace (Alex Lilo); Prolyl Oligopeptidase (Alex Lilo); Proof of Performance (Alex Lilo); Proof of Principle (Alex Lilo); Prophets of Profit (Alex Lilo); Put on Production (Alex Lilo); Package on Package (Alex Lilo); Picture on Picture (Alex Lilo); Picture over Picture (Alex Lilo); Power of Prevention (American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Alex Lilo); Pre-Teens Oppose Prohibition (Kids Next Door show Alex Lilo); Premium Offset Plan (insurance Alex Lilo); Prince of Persia (video game Alex Lilo); Princess of Power (She-Ra toy and animated TV show Alex Lilo); Principal-Only Payment (loans Alex Lilo); Processor on Plug-In (H/W Alex Lilo); Progestogen-Only Pill (contraception Alex Lilo); Proof of Product (validate/verify vendor's part number Alex Lilo); Proper Operating Procedure (military Alex Lilo); Public Offering Price (finance Alex Lilo); Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic - La Union (Airport Code Alex Lilo); Pulsed Optically Pumped (quantum optical physics Alex Lilo); Pursuit of Perfection (gaming Alex Lilo); progestin-only pill; Post Office Protocol сеть. esp. TCP/IP; Proof of Payment (Alex Lilo); Proof of Possession (Alex Lilo); Pseudo Operation (Alex Lilo)
abbr., avia. Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic; proof of performance
abbr., chem., scient. Persistent Organic Pollutant
abbr., dril. putting on pump (installing a pumping unit on a well)
abbr., ecol. Persistent organic pollutant (uvva)
abbr., el. proof of principle; parallel output platform; peak output power; picosecond optical pulse; picture-out-picture; polar optical phonon; polysilicon/oxide/polysilicon (capacitor); power on/off protection
abbr., el., sec.sys. permissive overreach protection
abbr., file.ext. Messages index (PopMail); Pop-up menu object (dBASE Application Generator)
abbr., inet. Pissing Off People
abbr., IT Point Of Presence; Point-of-presence
abbr., meteorol. Persistent Occipitoposterior (fetal Position); Premium Only Plan; percutaneous osteoplasty (Игорь_2006)
abbr., mil. Population; performance oriented packaging
abbr., mil., WMD performance-oriented packaging
abbr., nautic., scient. Parallel Ocean Program
abbr., O&G, sakh. Plant Operation Permit (Sakhalin Energy); Port Open Permit (Sakhalin Energy); put on the pump
abbr., O&G, sakh.a. project development plan
abbr., oil putting on pump
abbr., police Problem Oriented Policing
abbr., post Point Of Purchase promotions; Post Office Preferred (European standardized envelopes for automation)
abbr., relig. Prince Of Peace
abbr., scient. Probability Of Precipitation
abbr., scottish Perpendicular Ocean Platform
abbr., st.exch. Pope & Talbot, Inc.
abbr., tech. Prelaunch Operations Plan (Vosoni)
abbr., transp. Performance Oriented Packaging
comp., abbr. polar orbiting platform
energ.ind., abbr. persistent organic pollutants; prevention of pollution; proof-of-principle
IT Point of Presence (Telephony)
mil., abbr. period of performance; pipeline outfit, petroleum; preflight operations procedure; primary operation; project objective plan
plast. Point of Purchase (Marketing Displays)
tech., abbr. plane of polarization
 POP3 abbr.
abbr. Post Office Protocol (version 3 Vosoni)
abbr., file.ext. Post Office Protocol, Version 3
abbr., IT Post Office Protocol 3
 PoP [pɔp] abbr.
abbr. purpose of payment (MichaelBurov); point of point; post-paid (оплата услуг связи в режиме off-line, как правило это корпоративные клиенты Turochkin); proof of product (twinkie)
abbr., proof of performance (eugeene1979)
abbr., med. Plast-o-Probe (MichaelBurov)
 pop [pɔp] abbr.
abbr. popularly
inform. popular
slang hit (Shut up or I will pop you)
 pop. abbr.
abbr. population
abbr., commer. popular
 pop slang v
amer. kill (as in "don't pop a civilian unless identified hostile" Val_Ships)
 Pop. abbr.
abbr. Popham's King's Bench Reports
 Pop [pɔp] abbr.
abbr., oil pyrope
 POP [pɔp] abbr.
abbr. print-out-paper; printing-out-paper; process optimization program
abbr., avia. purchased outside production
abbr., busin. post office preferred
abbr., clin.trial. Pain on Palpation (iwona); Patient Oriented Program (Игорь_2006)
abbr., dril. perpendicular oceanographic platform; putting on the pump
abbr., pre-oral plate
abbr., econ. point of purchase advertising
abbr., environ. persistent organic pollutant (POP)
abbr., fin. public offering price
abbr., IT post office protocol
abbr., oil percent of original oil in place produced; perpendicular ocean oceanographic platform; plating on plastics; polymer glycol; polymer polyether polyol; principal oil formation phase; project operation plan
abbr., space perpendicular to the orbit plane; preflight operations procedures; product optimization programme; program operation plan
 POP3 abbr.
abbr. post office protocol version 3
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