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 OLE [əul] abbr.
abbr. Office of Law Enforcement; Old Ledger Extension; On-Line Entry; Orbital Life Extension; Object Linking & Embedding (Vosoni)
abbr., comp., net. DS Object Linking and Embedding Directory Service
abbr., ed., scient. Office of Legal Education; Optimal Learning Environment
abbr., food.ind. Olive Leaf Extract
abbr., inet. On-Line Event
abbr., IT Object Listed And Executed; OLE object
abbr., mil. Object Linking and Embedding; Organizational Leadership for Executives course - Army CGSC
abbr., progr. object linking and embedding (ssn)
abbr., progr., IT Office Linking Environment
tech. optical logic element
 OLES abbr.
abbr. Odd Lot Execution Service; Office of Law Enforcement Standards
abbr., ed., scient. On-Line Extension Services
 Ole [əul] abbr.
abbr., oil olefin s
 OLE [əul] abbr.
abbr. operating level earthquake (traduiser)
abbr., object linking & embedded
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