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 MAC [mæk] n
gen. . . сокр. multi-application computer
abbr. Macedonian; maximum allowable concentration (предельно допустимая концентрация maria_belaya); an MIT interdepartmental lab (renamed to LCS; stands for many things); Membership Advisory Committee (ICANN); Midlands Arts Centre (Anglophile); move, add and change (vlad-and-slav); machine-aided cognition; military aircraft command; monitor and control; multi-application computer; multiple access computer; moves, adds and changes (vlad-and-slav); message authentication code (ssn)
abbr., anaesthes. monitored anesthesia care (анестезиологическое сопровождение Dimpassy)
abbr., astronaut. Middle Atmosphere Co-operation programme
abbr., automat. manual adaptive control
abbr., avia. Manitoba Aviation Council; media access control
abbr., BrE medium armoured car
abbr., busin. Medicare Administrative Contractors (Johnny Bravo)
abbr., cables move, add, change (MichaelBurov)
abbr., Canada Maritime Air Command
abbr., comp. Multiplier-Accumulator (Vosoni); Multiply and Accumulate (Vosoni)
abbr., comp., net. mandatory access control; medium access control; message authentification code
abbr., comp., net., IT Media Access Controller
abbr., consult. Most Admired Companies (исследование Hay Group совместно с журналом Fortune Moscowtran)
abbr., EBRD material adverse change (Markbusiness); material adverse change condition (raf)
abbr., ed., scient. Man And Computer
abbr., el. multiplexed analog component (system); machine aided cognition; magnetic attitude control; maintenance and administration center; mass access; media access control ler; medium access control layer; memory assisted cognition; metal annealing chamber; micro address converter; Microelectronic Assembly Corporation; microprocessor array computer; model algorithm control; modular attachable connector; modular automation controller; monitoring and control; multiaccess controller; multiaddress call; multi-analyzer configuration; multifiber array connector; multiple access capability; multiple analog component; multiple application cable; multiplexed analog compression; multiplier and accumulator; multiservice access card; mutual authenticate command; multiply/accumulate
abbr., file.ext. Graphic format (MAC Paint Vosoni); Macintosh (Apple Macintosh Computer); Media/Medium Access Control
abbr., geogr. ___
abbr., immunol. membrane attack complex
abbr., insur. Maritime Arbitration Commission
abbr., IT Apple Macintosh Black & White MacPaint file Bitmap graphics; Mandatory access control; Media access control; memory address controller; microprocessor-array computer
abbr., lab.eq. Minimum Alveolar Concentration
abbr., med. Master Addictions Counselor; (WAHinterpreter); mitral annular calcification (кальциноз митрального кольца Баян)
abbr., media. Multiplexed Analog Components
abbr., met. metal-arc cutting
abbr., mil. Make A Change; Military Air Command (Vosoni); Multiply ACcumulate (computer operation); mobility assault company; Mortuary Affairs Center
abbr., mil., avia. Macau
abbr., mil., BrE military aid to the community
abbr., mil., WMD MAC daily average
abbr., O&G main automation contract (MichaelBurov); Main Automations Contract (MichaelBurov)
abbr., O&G, sahk.r. Main Automation Contractor; Manual Alarm Call (P)
abbr., O&G, sakh. mechanical acceptance certificate
abbr., oil maximal allowable concentration (Seregaboss); maximum acceptable concentration (andrushin); maximum permissible concentration; MPC
abbr., oil.lubr. multiply alkylated cyclopentanes (A Hun)
abbr., oncol. a group of genetically related bacteria belonging to the genus Mycobacterium (MichaelBurov); Mycobacterium avium complex (MichaelBurov); Mycobacterium avium and Mycobacterium intracellulare (MichaelBurov); M. avium and M. intracellulare (MichaelBurov)
abbr., physiol. Maximum allowable concentration
abbr., physiol., med. Macerated
abbr., polym. maximum allowable concentration
abbr., product. margin after conversion (grafleonov)
abbr., radio MAC colour television system
abbr., scottish Mainland China Affairs Council (Taiwan); Medium Armored Car (USA); Modular Artillery Charge system (US Army)
abbr., sec.sys. message authentication check
abbr., sec.sys., IT Message Authentication Code
abbr., st.exch. Macerich Company
abbr., tech. Maintenance Analysis Centre (Vosoni); Military Airlift Command; multiplier-accumulator (ssn)
abbr., transp. Mean Aerodynamic Chord
abbr., UN, AIDS. Mycobacterium aviumcomplex infection
chem., abbr. multistage agitated contactor
energ.ind., abbr. mass attenuation coefficient
mil., abbr. Marine amphibious corps; main allocation chart; maintenance allocation chart; major air command; maneuver area command; manpower authorization change; maximum admissible concentration; maximum air concentration; missile activation circuit; mission assignment code; mobilization availability category; mock air combat; motor ambulance convoy
tech., abbr. Macintosh computer; maintenance action card; maintenance analysis center; management advisory committee; material accounting; memory access controller; minimal alveolar concentration; multiple-access computer
 mac [mæk] abbr.
abbr. macadam
abbr., econ. money on account
USA macaroni (abbr. as in "a mac-and-cheeze recipe" Val_Ships)
 Mac. abbr.
abbr. Macassey's Reports
 mac. abbr.
abbr., construct. macadam
abbr., macerate; maximum acceptable concentration
 Mac [mæk] abbr.
abbr., el. Apple Macintosh computer
comp., net. Macintosh
 Mac. n
geogr. Macedonia (Vosoni)
law Macassey's Reports, New Zealand
 MAc [mæk] n
gen. Master of Accountancy (Anglophile)
abbr. methyl acrylate
 φ-MAC abbr.
abbr., el. phenylmethacrylate-methacrylic acid copolymer
 .mac n
file.ext. Macro (file name extension)
 MAC P abbr.
abbr., O&G, sakh. manual alarm call (point)
 .MAC n
file.ext. MacPaint
 MAC [mæk] abbr.
abbr. mine action centre (Yuriy Sokha); medium access control protocol; medium access control sublayer; MAKEUP ART and COSMETICS; machine Sided cognition; magnetic automatic calculator; Mcdonnell Aircraft Corp.; methylarylcarbinol; motion analysis camera; multiple access computing
abbr., automat. model algorithmic control ( dimock)
abbr., avia. maintenance action classification; medium access controller
abbr., chem. methacrolein
abbr., CNC Medium Accessing Control
abbr., comp. memory address counter
abbr., comp., net. multiple access communication
abbr., marginal abatement cost curve; maritime arbitration commission (China); mass absorption coefficient; measurement and control; Mining Association of Canada; minimal affection concentration; minimum annual cost
abbr., IT multi-access controller
abbr., mammalian artificial chromosome
abbr., med. (инфекция, вызываемая Mycobacterium avium и Mycobacterium intracellulare WAHinterpreter); Medicare Administrative Contractor (ННатальЯ)
abbr., med.appl. minimum alveolar concentration (Natalya Rovina)
abbr., multimed. multiplexed analogue components
abbr., oil manufacturing automation control; Maritime Advisory Committee; maximum admissible acceptable, allowable concentration; maximum allowable cost; medium amber cut; methacrylate-styrene; Mine Advisory Committee; Mineralogical Association of Canada; model arithmetic control; molar absorption coefficient; multi-arm caliper tool; multipole array acoustic log; multipole array acoustic log tool
abbr., space materials and coatings; multi-access computer; multiple access control; multiple address code; multiplex analogue component
abbr., telecom. machine-aid cognition; magnetic account card; monitoring, alarm and control; multiple access channel
abbr., textile modacrylic
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