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 DNS abbr.
abbr., comp., net. domain name service
abbr., IT Domain name system; domain name system service
abbr., med. Doctor of Nursing Science (iwona)
abbr., mil., avia. Decca navigator system
abbr., progr. Domain Name System (система доменных имен ssn); domain name space (ssn)
energ.ind., abbr. deeply-notched specimen; department of nuclear safety
mil., abbr. designated nuclear stockage
O&G data network system
tech., abbr. developmental navigation satellite
 dns. abbr.
abbr., downs
 DNS abbr.
abbr. Database Of Names And Salaries; Do Not Spit; DOMAIN Name System (Internet, RFC 1034/1035, DNS); distributed network system; dinitrosalicine
abbr., chem., scient. Di Neutro Salicylic acid
abbr., comp., net. Distributed Name Service
abbr., comp., net., IT Digital Network Services
abbr., direct numerical simulations
abbr., el., scient. Direct Numerical Simulation
abbr., file.ext. Domain Naming System
abbr., fin. depositary and Nominee System
abbr., IT Digital Nervous System; domain name server (Bricker)
abbr., lat. Dominus ("Lord")
abbr., med. Diaphragmatic Nerve Stimulation; Director of Nursing Service s
abbr., mil. Directorate of National Security; Don't kNow Squat
abbr., neurol. Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization
abbr., oil dense; digital neural system; dinonyl sebacate
abbr., physiol. Deviated Nasal Septum
abbr., physiol., med. Did Not Show for appointment
abbr., progr. Domain Name Server (ssn)
abbr., scottish Direct Network Subscriber
abbr., space direct numerical solution; Doppler navigation system
abbr., sport. Did Not Start; did not start
abbr., transp. Do Not Stop
abbr., UN domain name system
abbr., yacht. yacht ranks as a starter but does not start
tech. decimal number system; discrete network simulation
 3DNS abbr.
abbr., nano three-dimensional numerical simulation
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