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 cd abbr.
abbr., busin. candela
abbr., conductance; cord
abbr., oil canned
abbr., telecom. change directory
 Cd abbr.
abbr. command
abbr., chrome diopside; drag coefficient
 cd. abbr.
abbr., phys. candel; candle
 CdS abbr.
abbr., cadmium sulfide
 CD abbr.
abbr. concealment device; controls and displays; communicable disease (kentgrant)
abbr., avia. control display (Interex); control drag (Interex)
abbr., cables main cross (MichaelBurov)
abbr., comp., net. compact-disk
abbr., dat.proc. compact disk
abbr., dentist. crown-down preparation (MichaelBurov)
abbr., food.serv. calorie deficit
abbr., IT committee draft; clock driver
abbr., mil. channel designator; compact disc; counterdrug; customer direct; command destruct; contract definition; countdown
abbr., oil contract depth; complementary distribution
abbr., ophtalm. cup-to-disc ratio (Баян)
abbr., polym. circular dichroism; cold-drawn; cross direction
abbr., snd.rec. compact disc digital audio system
abbr., tech. case drain
abbr., telecom. campus distributor
chem., abbr. condenser
energ.ind., abbr. capacitor discharge; carryover detection; certain day; characteristic data; closing date; concurrent development; control damper; cooldown; core damage
invest., abbr. cum dividend
invest., fin. certificate of deposit
law, abbr. condemned; confidential document
mil., abbr. camouflage detection; career development; center distance; central department; central district; certificate of destruction; certificate of discharge; chaff dispenser; change directive; check digit; chemical defense; chief of division; circular dispersion; civil defense; classification of defects; clothing depot; coastal defense; collateral damage; combat development; command decoder; common digitizer; comparable data; competitive design; concept definition; concept development; contract design; coordination document; critical defect
O&G, abbr. compressor department
polit., abbr. Chad
tech., abbr. capacitance divider; capacitive discharge; chain data; charge displacement; chip density; clamping diode; clock delay mechanism; coastal defense radar; communications device; component development; condensate demineralizer; configuration-dependent; console display; controls and displays computer; copper dish; crystal diode
tech., mil., avia. cable duct
 CD8 abbr.
abbr., Makarov. CD8 (антигенный маркёр супрессорных и цитотоксических T-лимфоцитов)
 CD4 abbr.
abbr., Makarov. CD4 (антигенный маркёр хелперных T-лимфоцитов)
 CD28 abbr.
abbr., mol.gen. CD3/α (VladStrannik)
 cd abbr.
abbr. cash discount; candela (illumination)
O&G cored
 Cd adj.
energ.ind., abbr. on dry basis fuel carbon
 CD abbr.
abbr. Career Development; Critical Dimension; call distribution; Call Disconnect (SS7); Commercial Directorate (SEIC ABelonogov); consolidated drained shear test; Civil Defence Corps; coast defense radar; Clinical Diagnosis
abbr., agric. contagious disease
abbr., automat. case depth
abbr., avia. container dolly (Interex); certification demonstration; chip detector; configuration documentation
abbr., busin. card; card distribution; carried; carried down; catalogued; centre distance; cold drawn; Commerce Department; commercial dock; commissioned; Cd cord; cost decrease; cost down; country damage; creditor and debtor; could; creditor's damage; currency devaluation; customary quick dispatch; cut off date; cash order
abbr., cables campus distributor (MichaelBurov); MC (MichaelBurov)
abbr., chem., scient. Cadmium
abbr., commer. Concept Decision; cash against documents; commercial department; continual development
abbr., comp., IT Compact Disk
abbr., comp., net. calling device
abbr., construct. construction document (Val_Ships)
abbr., dentist. crown down (<– the concept is to widen the root canal with burs or files to remove dentin hangover and widen the canal orifices> MichaelBurov); crown down preparation (MichaelBurov)
abbr., dog. canine distemper
abbr., dril. cementing depth
abbr., canopy diameter; catalytic detectors; chemical demineralization; Chemical Department; chloritoid; climatic division; climatological data; coefficient of determination; complex depression; complex low; constant diffusivity; contact discontinuity; coupled discrete models
abbr., econ. certificate of delivery; cash against document
abbr., el., scient. Circuit Design
abbr., file.ext. Carrier Detect
abbr., fin. Canadian Dollar
abbr., immunol. cluster of differentiation (Игорь_2006)
abbr., insur. Commission du Danube
abbr., IT C D description; collision detection
abbr., lab.eq. Cells of Differentiation
abbr., cluster differentiation
abbr., med. Cardiac Disease; Contact Dermatitis; cardiac death (Elmitera); certified doula (DONA association KN); Crohn's disease (ННатальЯ); (doc090); cervical dystonia (ННатальЯ); Cardiovascular Diseases (код больничного отделения Ying)
abbr., med.appl. Color Doppler (harser)
abbr., mil. Civil Defense
abbr., mil., WMD calibration device
abbr., contrastive divergence (источник dimock)
abbr., O&G, sahk.r. Commencement Date
abbr., O&G, sakh. cellar deck (Lena Nolte); Commercial Director (Sakhalin Energy); compressor drive
abbr., oil compensated density log; cable depth; cable drilling; cable driver; calcareous dolomite; carbon dioxide; carbonate dissolution; cartridge diameter; casing drilling; casing shoe depth; catalytic distillation; cathodic disbondment; cellulose diacetate; cement displacement; chalcedony; channel deposit; charge and discharge; chart division; checkered deck; chlorine demand; chlorite; circuit description; code; coefficient of drag; collection and distribution; color display; colorimetric determination; compact discs s; completion date; compressed data; compression deflection; concentrator-diffuser; cone dragged; contracting definition; converging-diverging; conversion-dispersion; convolutional differentiator; cordierite; core driver; corrected depth; corundum; crater diameter; critical diameter; critical difference; crude distillation; current density; current display; customs declaration; cyclic deactivation
abbr., pharm. cyclodextrin
abbr., physiol., med. Cause of Death
abbr., polit. Democratic Republic of the Congo
abbr., polym. calendar day
abbr., product. closed drainage (Yeldar Azanbayev)
abbr., progr. conceptual domain (ssn)
abbr., scottish Cavalry Division (USA); Civil Defence
abbr., space command ship; Committee on Disarmament; compass deviation; controlled diffusion; convergent/divergent
abbr., tech. Committee Draft (LyuFi); Capacitor Diode (Vosoni)
abbr., telecom. call detail record; carrier detect ed; carrier detector; contact disc
abbr., textile cash dispenser; certificate of time deposit
abbr., transp. Compact Design
abbr., UN Conference on Disarmament
abbr., UN, geol. chart datum
 CD8 abbr.
abbr., med. HIV Suppressor Cell Count; suppressor-cytotoxic T cells (Vosoni); T8
 CD4 abbr.
abbr., med. HIV Helper Cell Count; helper-inducer T cells (Vosoni)
 1CD abbr.
abbr. 1st Cavalry Division
 CD138 abbr.
abbr., med. Plasma Cell Membrane Receptor
 CD-2 abbr.
abbr., avia. common digitizer-2
 CD. abbr.
abbr., electr.eng. circuit description
 CD3 abbr.
abbr., logist. cubic decimeter (pelipejchenko)
 CD4+ abbr.
abbr., Makarov. CD4+ cell (T-клетка-хелпер у человека, являющегося мишенью для вируса СПИДа)
 cd abbr.
abbr. caesarean delivery; candle (Vosoni)
account. with the dividend
chem. cadmium acetate (dimock)
 Cd abbr.
abbr. cadmium
energ.ind. drag coefficient for single particle
 cd. abbr.
polym. cord
 Cd. abbr.
abbr. cordierite
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