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 C30 abbr.
chem. beta-apo-8'-Carotenal; beta-apo-8'-Carotinsäure Äthylester; Carotinsäureester m; CI food orange 6; CI food orange 7; E160e; E160f
 14C abbr.
scient. radioaktiver Kohlenstoff
 Spanish thesaurus
 C abbr.
abbr. contrato continuo
abbr., med. carbono; Celsius; centígrado; centímetro; condensador; contracción; cervical; clonus; contacto
 14C abbr.
abbr., forestr. radiocarbonio; radiocarbono; carbono 14
 °C. abbr.
abbr., med. grados centígrados
 c. abbr.
abbr., med. ciclo
C: 344 phrases in 44 subjects
Accounting2 Magnetics4
Agriculture12 Marketing1
Antennas and waveguides1 Materials science1
Chemistry35 Mathematics9
Communications15 Mechanic engineering2
Dyalysis1 Medical28
Earth sciences9 Metallurgy12
Ecology2 Microsoft9
Economy10 Municipal planning3
Electric motors5 Natural sciences4
Electronics57 Nuclear and fusion power3
Finances4 Obsolete / dated1
Food industry7 Pharmacy and pharmacology1
Forestry1 Piezoelectric crystals1
General27 Politics4
Health care7 Radio8
Industry4 Social science2
Information technology7 Statistics13
International Monetary Fund4 Technology2
Law8 Telecommunications2
Leather1 Transport10
Life sciences3 Work flow2