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 base f
gen. base
commun. bedieningsklink; jacket; klink; grondvlak
construct. fundering; funderingslaag
el. patroonhouder; smeltpatroonhouder; smeltveiligheid-voetstuk; voetstuk; buisbodem; buishouder; fitting
engl. coca base
fin. belastingsgrondslag
industr., construct., chem. onderstel
IT, tech. grondtal; radix
mech.eng. voetplaat
med. substraat
met. ondergrond
stat., scient. basisperiode
transp., avia. basisconfiguratie
transp., mech.eng. flens
 10base5 f
commun. 10base5
 base v
gen. stof die zout vormt; stof waarop een giststof inwerkt
comp., MS houder
math. basis
 bases v
environ. base chemische stof
 Spanish thesaurus
 Ba abbr.
abbr., med. bario
base: 1559 phrases in 53 subjects
Accounting2 Law33
Agriculture65 Life sciences30
Chemistry45 Marketing2
Coal3 Materials science13
Commerce5 Mathematics9
Communications100 Mechanic engineering25
Construction21 Medical44
Criminal law4 Metallurgy16
Cultural studies6 Microsoft125
Earth sciences22 Municipal planning2
Economy37 Natural sciences11
Education3 Nuclear and fusion power5
Electronics238 Oil / petroleum1
Energy industry1 Patents58
Environment28 Pharmacy and pharmacology1
European Union59 Politics2
Finances61 Research and development2
Food industry12 Scientific1
General100 Security systems1
Government, administration and public services1 Social science6
Health care24 Statistics10
Immigration and citizenship2 Sugar production1
Industry34 Taxes9
Information technology164 Technology26
Insurance20 Transport58
International trade1 Work flow6
Labor law4