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abadejo m
fish.farm. lubbe (Pollachius pollachius, gadus pollachius)
life.sc., fish.farm. blåsej (Pollachius pollachiusi, Gadus pollachius); lubbe (Pollachius pollachiusi, Gadus pollachius); lyssej (Pollachius pollachiusi, Gadus pollachius)
nat.res., fish.farm. Alaska-sej (Theragra chalcogramma); alaskasej (Theragra chalcogramma)
nat.sc., agric. glatbladet tidselkugle (Echinops ritro, Echinops ruthenicus)
 Spanish thesaurus
abadejo m
fish.farm. ugotica (Pollachius pollachius, gadus pollachius)
abadejo: 4 phrases in 3 subjects
Fish farming pisciculture2
Natural resourses and wildlife conservation1