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 a adj.
comp., MS среден
 Spanish thesaurus
 a. abbr.
abbr., meteorol. arteria
 As. abbr.
abbr., med. arsénico
 OS abbr.
abbr., med. posición occipitosacra del feto
a: 1338 phrases in 37 subjects
Agriculture1 Immigration and citizenship13
Business1 Information technology2
Chemistry41 International law2
Commerce2 International trade1
Communications1 Labor law2
Criminal law5 Law26
Customs1 Life sciences1
Demography1 Medical1
Economy94 Mexican4
Education2 Microsoft137
Environment51 Obsolete / dated5
European Union752 Politics3
Finances15 Procedural law3
Food industry3 Security systems1
Forestry43 Social science13
General67 Technology1
Government, administration and public services2 Transport6
Health care9 United Nations4
Human rights activism22