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 дополнительный adj.
gen. supplementary; accessory; complementary; subsidiary; accessorial; supplemental; auxiliary; alternate; excess; expletive; farther; new; obverse; other; plus; second; supererogatory; supernumerary; adjunctive; adminicular; adscititious; amplificatory; appendant; adjunct; spare; law. appendant; more; add-on; by; follow-up; additory; occasional; attached (Notburga); accretionary (AlexP73); contingent; another (essence); super-numerary (MichaelBurov); back up; bolt-on (dzenkor); extraneous; corollary (ssn); extra (Write the four extra jobs – Напишите еще (дополнительно) 4 профессии. Vysokikh); incidental (kee46); in addition; further (I. Havkin); addititious; ancillary (tanya_nevidimka)
abbr. addt'l (Амбарцумян); addl (сокр. от "additional" Alex_Odeychuk)
aerohydr. additional
book. appendical; epactal
busin. incremental; ministerial; side-line; marginal; collateral (об обеспечении и т.п.)
chem. padding
comp., net. piggyback
construct. sub-
dipl. special (о выборах и т.п.); supporting
econometr. antithetic
el. follow-on (ssn); augmentative; backend; background; collateral; s; sec; supplement
electr.eng. particular (ssn)
energ.ind. additional (напр., об оборудовании, расходах и др.)
Gruzovik, mil. booster-charge
inform. wildcat (о поезде)
IT backing; companion; optional; add-in; tentative; back end (ssn); aux
law accessary; secondary; adjective; subsequent; cumulative (Vadim Rouminsky); additional arbitrator (третейский) арбитр (призывается в случае, если два образующих арбитраж арбитра не могут принять единого решения)
leath. extra
ling. completive
Makarov. adventitious; adventive; annex; branch; external; indirect; odd; peripheral; tributary; adjuvant
math. adjugate; complement
med. ancillary; succenturiate; assident; subs (subsidiary mazurov)
mil. off-line; applique (qwarty)
mil., avia. alternative
mil., tech. component; emergency; increment; secondary (цвет)
nautic. excessive
nautic., jarg. gash
obs. accessive (Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) Katena)
oil complemental
patents. sideground (Yanamahan); additional; subsequent; subsequently
polygr. run-on; run-on (о печатном. материале)
progr. attaching (ssn); extension (ssn); advanced (ssn); minor (ssn); miscellaneous (ssn); addin (ssn); branching (ssn)
qual.cont. accidental; false
railw. superposed addnl
slang buckshee; side-bar
tech. pony; powney; pownie; powny; option; added (We need to ensure our materials and designs can hold up, and small-scale tests like this one give us added confidence. 4uzhoj)
telecom. ext; piggy-back (oleg.vigodsky); value-added (oleg.vigodsky)
uncom. surplus (bellb1rd)
 дополнительно adv.
gen. additionally; extra; obversely; complementarily; to a greater extent (Min$draV); separately (отдельно Phyloneer); individually (Phyloneer); later (Phyloneer); on top of that (Also, additionally, moreover. They were holding hands and, on top of that, they were kissing. WT Alexander Demidov); further (The Author further granted the Publishers the right to use the artwork contained in... editor_moscow); more (употребляется с числительным или неопределённым местоимением)
Игорь Миг for good measure
comp., MS More
construct. optional
inform. plus
Makarov. on the side
math. as supplementary to; in addition
patents. additional; subsequent; subsequently
tech. optionally (logz)
 Дополнительно adv.
offic. also (so_what_86)
progr. Advanced (название кнопки в окнах настроек art_fortius)
softw. Extras (Джон А. Белл, 3ds max 6. Советы знатоков, "Вильямс", 2005 bojana)
 дополнительное adj.
dril. pony sub (вспомогательное) основание (для доп. оборудования БУ; Также – pony substructure – пространственная металлоконструкция, сваренная из швеллеров, для установки на нее дополнительного оборудования, напр., мобильного приемного моста. Val61)
law ancillary proceeding
 train, plain дополнительный adj.
gen. back-up (alecia573)
 дополнительные adj.
gen. branch registers (вспомогательные) реестры (акционеров или участников компании Асель2216)
 сообщить дополнительно adv.
busin. inform with a special notice (Phyloneer)
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