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 прицельно adj.
gen. targetedly (The development of suitable test methods is planned to targetedly examine the "susceptibility to blistering" of epoxy base coats. I. Havkin)
Игорь Миг purposefully
astronaut. peep
 прицельный adj.
gen. aiming; aimed; precision (Notburga); focused (aksolotle); targeted (A targeted study of bacterial glycoproteins I. Havkin)
dril. pin point
Gruzovik, mil. sightsetter; backsight
math. sighting
med. target (напр. о биопсии)
mil. well-aimed (Andrey Truhachev)
mil., tech. sight
oil pinpoint
phys. impact
sport. well-placed (Los Angeles went up 2-1 at 13:36 of the second period on a well-placed shot from Kopitar from the top of the faceoff circle. VLZ_58)
 Russian thesaurus
 прицельный adj.
gen. прил. от прицел
прицельно: 654 phrases in 46 subjects
Advertising1 Mathematics1
Armored vehicles5 Medical24
Artillery26 Medical appliances4
Astronautics8 Military230
Aviation18 Nanotechnology40
Ballistics2 Nautical1
Billiards17 Oil / petroleum1
Business1 Oil and gas2
Dentistry47 Oncology1
Drilling1 Optics branch of physics8
Economy1 Physics1
Electronics6 Radio2
Fish farming pisciculture1 Radiolocation2
Fishery fishing industry1 Railway term1
General24 Scientific1
Geology1 Security systems5
Hockey1 Shipbuilding3
Immunology5 Shooting sport1
Information technology2 Slang1
Lasers8 Sports4
Law1 Technology47
Linguistics2 Torpedoes1
Makarov10 Weapons and gunsmithing84