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 прихорашиваться v
gen. perk; primp; preen oneself; smarten up; gussy up; smug oneself; doll oneself up (Anglophile); perk oneself up; beautify oneself (DC); brisk; prink; preen; preen one's feathers; preen feathers; prink oneself up; spiff up (syn.: smarten oneself up, spruce up, doll oneself up: She spends hours in front of the mirror, spiffing herself up, and all for this worthless boy Taras)
coll. spruce oneself up (They spruced themselves up for the wedding Andrey Truhachev)
Gruzovik, inform. smarten oneself up (impf of прихорошиться); make oneself spruce (impf of прихорошиться)
inform. smarten; spruce; dress up; make oneself spruce; doll; titivate; tittivate
Makarov. brisk up; perk up; primp up; sprout oneself up; prink up
Makarov., inform. spruce up
 прихорашивать v
gen. smarten up; fig; perk; spruce up (Tamerlane); smarten; prink; smug; titivate; sugarcoat (VLZ_58)
Gruzovik, inform. dress up (impf only); spruce (impf only)
inform. spruce; tittivate
Makarov. perk up; to pretty up; smarten oneself up; smug up
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