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 печатными буквами
gen. in uppercase letters (print sth in uppercase letters ART Vancouver); in capital letters (ABelonogov)
busin. print (Johnny Bravo)
law please print (в финальной части документов (договоров, соглашений и т.п.) под зарезервированными для подписей должностных лиц позициями Evgeshka)
Makarov. in block letters
 печатная буква
gen. block-letter; square letter (sea holly)
comp. block letter
patents. hand-printed character (написанная от руки)
polygr. printed letter ( Alexander Matytsin)
 печатные буквы
gen. block letters (Block letters (also called printed letters) are a form of writing in which the letters are upright, separated, and usually made without serifs. On official forms, one is often asked to write in block capital letters. This is because cursive handwriting, and especially signatures, can be hard to read. It is often misconstrued that one must write in capital letters when writing in block letters. wiki Alexander Demidov)
comp. block capitals ("Correct, Patricia, but per-lease send me your address in block capital letters so we can send you the Olympus APS camera! SUN, NEWS OF THE WORLD (1999). Collins Alexander Demidov)
Makarov. print hand; print letters
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