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минеральный чрный | пигмент - only individual words found
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 минеральный adj.
gen. mineral
dril. inorganic
food.ind. minerally (вкус, о вине ptyashka)
 рудный минеральный adj.
met. mineral
минеральный: 1280 phrases in 114 subjects
Abbreviation4 Chemistry17 General99 Mining59 Refrigeration9
Advertising4 Construction69 Geochemistry1 Name of organization3 Road construction2
Agriculture32 Cooking11 Geography1 Nautical9 Road works20
Agrochemistry21 Dental implantology8 Geology104 Oceanography oceanology7 Sakhalin14
American usage, not AmE1 Dentistry1 Geophysics8 Oil / petroleum33 SAP1
Animal husbandry2 Dietology1 Gold mining12 Oil and gas36 Scientific3
Architecture5 Diplomacy1 Health care1 Oil and gas technology13 Scuba diving1
Armored vehicles1 Drilling4 Hydraulics4 Oil processing plants3 Silicate industry10
Astronautics1 Ecology20 Hydrology8 Oilfields6 Soil science4
Australian2 Economy22 Informal1 Optics branch of physics1 Statistics1
Automated equipment2 Electrical engineering4 International Monetary Fund2 Paint, varnish and lacquer1 Taxes3
Automobiles10 Electrochemistry5 Law5 Perfume13 Technology92
Aviation medicine1 Energy industry32 Leather11 Pharmacology5 Telecommunications1
Beverages2 Environment7 Logistics2 Physics1 Textile industry30
Biochemistry3 Finances6 Makarov143 Physiology3 Thermal engineering1
Biology2 Firefighting and fire-control systems3 Meat processing1 Pipelines1 Trade classification2
Biotechnology2 Fish farming pisciculture5 Mechanic engineering1 Plastics1 Trademark1
Botany2 Fodder3 Medical43 Politics1 Uncommon / rare2
British usage, not BrE3 Food industry14 Metallurgy6 Polygraphy2 United Nations4
Building materials6 Food service and catering2 Military5 Polymers17 Water supply3
Business3 Foreign affairs4 Mineral processing4 Production4 Wire drawing1
Caspian2 Forestry10 Mineral products2 Pulp and paper industry1 Wood processing4
Cement19 Gas processing plants1 Mineralogy4 Railway term3