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 волноваться v
gen. bother; ferment; fluster; fret; fuss; billow; wave (о ниве и т. п.); surge (о толпе); create (he is always creating about nothing – он всегда суетится без толку); flap; flutter; fume; popple; stew; welter; pother; run high (о море); grizzle; be on edge; be in a stew; be in a fry; be in a twit; make a fuss; beat up; fidget; fluctuate; get perturbed (chajnik); have kittens; undulate; agitate oneself; get nervous (triumfov); be on pins and needles ( Tanya Gesse); fret gizzard; get into a sweat (lexicographer); get chewed up; go haywire; shack up; go on (о ком-либо); feel nervous (Alexander Demidov); thrill; roll (о море); sweat; throb; feel emotional (suburbian); get flustered (juribt); be troubled by (о чем-либо Johnny Bravo); be all on edge; be in a fine stew; be in a flurry; be in a fry; be in a twit; wave; be in a real state (КГА); of water, etc to be agitated; disturbed; ripple; alarm; concern; roil (о воде); have got cold feet (Dinara_LALA); agitate; be excited; be uneasy; to choppy; mind; stir; whittle (YuliaO)
Gruzovik be agitated (impf of взволноваться); surge of water, etc (impf of взволноваться)
Игорь Миг tie oneself in knots; tie oneself up in knots; hyperventilate (West is hyperventilating about a possible return of Russian bases to Latin America); squirm (Russians ask questions such as, "Why is my salary as a grade school teacher in the Irkutsk region so low?" or "Where is the new apartment I was promised as a flood victim?" It's easy to imagine the relevant local officials squirming as Putin promises to check into a specific case.; sweat it; get antsy (I always get antsy about meeting my husband's boss.); be antsy; go nuts (I mean, what if I go nuts on this, and then I bite my tongue about his weird haircut?); fret over (Nothing to fret over.)
amer. run scared (The mayor was running scared, but won anyway. Val_Ships)
austral., slang be in hot water; get one's knickers in a twist; sweat blood
construct. weave
dial., UK worrit be choppy (dimock); be disturbed (dimock); high run (о море dimock)
Gruzovik, polit. be in a state of ferment (impf of взволноваться)
hockey. squeeze one's stick (Выражение достаточно часто используется игроками и тренерами (We didn't play as well as we could have and we didn't have the bounces go our way. We hit a few posts and had a couple of open nets and we squeezed our sticks a little bit too much.) VLZ_58)
idiom. have a lot on one's mind (Taras); get worked up (Ant493)
inform. fret the gizzard; in a tizzy (kozelski); get, be in a tizzy (kozelski)
Makarov. be in a flurry; care; fret (о лошади); go off the deep end; rough (о море); trouble; be all on edge; be all on edge; be agitated; be alarmed (тревожиться); be choppy (о воде); be full of anxiety; be in a fine stew; be in agitation; be nervous (нервничать); be rough (о море); be uneasy (беспокоиться); be upset (быть расстроенным); be worried (беспокоиться); bother about; feel excitement; rise in waves (о море); stew up; stir up; be disturbed (беспокоиться); be keyed up with
Makarov., inform. flap about; flap around; take on; turn on
Makarov., inform., Scotl. be up to high doh
Makarov., obs. be in a state of ferment (о народных волнениях); be in a state of unrest (о народных волнениях)
math. be concerned about
nautic. popple (о море); wave (о море)
shipb. surge (о море)
slang go for; graum; raise a dust; snap one's cap; steam up; feel a knot (SOLNISHKO); get it up (Interex); futy; cook (Interex); shvitz (CBET)
sport. get excited (Александр Рыжов)
telecom. be uneasy (oleg.vigodsky); be excited (oleg.vigodsky); worry (oleg.vigodsky); be nervous (oleg.vigodsky)
vulg. have a hair up one's ass; rush round like a fart in a colander
 smth. волноваться v
amer. make a time about; make a time over
 волновать v
gen. flurry (особ. спешкой); cause much concern (Morning93); care about (sankozh); fluster; emotionalize; agitate; excite; discompose; alarm; convulse; ferment; flurry ((особ. спешкой)); flutter; perturb; touch; vex; pother; commove (о чувствах); overexcite; disquiet; embroil; fever; inflame; trouble; affect emotionally; fret gizzard; beat up; bother; fidget; perturbate; blow mind; be of concern (Lenochkadpr); disquieten; upset; over-excite; touch to the quick; harass; commote; thrill; stir; affect; move; shake; hype; mind-blow; appeal; mind blow; work (в наст. время преим. work up); work up; irritate; get; ruffle; care; disconcert; overset; overwork; ripple; emotionize; faze; steam (кого-либо)
Gruzovik stir up (impf of взволновать)
Игорь Миг tie in knots; tie up in knots; get under the skin; set nerves to edge
arch., Makarov. enrough (море)
austral., slang eat
dial., UK worrit
fig. tempest
Gruzovik, obs. incite; instigate
Gruzovik, prop.&figur. disturb
hydrol. churn
idiom. turn someone's crank (кого-либо VLZ_58)
inform. freak someone out (VLZ_58); fret the gizzard; hype up (Andrey Truhachev); rattle; juice; get to one's head (Technical)
invect. give a shit (I don't give a shit – Мне до дерьма/по хрен. mviformat); give a crap (I don't give a crap, who you are! – Мне по фиг, кто ты такой. mviformat); give a fuck (mviformat)
Makarov. arouse; concern; rough; fret gizzard (кого-либо); appeal to; shake up; steam up; turn on
Makarov., Scotl. put about
math. worry
obs. enrough
poetic speak
scottish put about (don't put yourself about – не беспокойтесь.)
slang swing; make waves (общество и т. п.); blow up someone's skirt (Banditka); weird out (Interex); carry away (Yeldar Azanbayev)
subl. fluctuate
uncom. toss
 волнующий prtc.
slang hairy; hot stuff; large; panicky; snazzy; sploud
 волнуясь v
gen. tremblingly; in excitement (linton); emotionally; emotively
 волнуется v
Игорь Миг is on edge
 волнует v
context. conscious (he is conscious about that – его это волнует Irina Verbitskaya)
inform. be bothered (delightfulangel)
 волнуется v
relig. worries
 волнует v
relig. worries
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