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 дурачить v
gen. fool; hoax; bosh; gull; cod; goof; hocus-pocus; have a game with (кого-либо); play the fool with; pull the nose; pull someone's leg (кого-либо Anglophile); fake; cog; kid (кого-либо); hoodwink; play off (кого-либо); lead somebody by the nose (Sergei Aprelikov); put on (Abysslooker)
Игорь Миг yank around; lead down the garden path
dipl. fake тж. fake up
Gruzovik, troll (impf of одурачить; attempt to disrupt a community or garner attention and controversy through provocative messages)
Gruzovik, inform. dupe (impf of одурачить); make a fool of (impf of одурачить)
humor. assify
idiom. pull someone's leg (кого-либо В.И.Макаров)
inform. take the mickey out of (Andrey Truhachev); string along (с целью выиграть время Andrey Truhachev); take the mickey (out of someone Andrey Truhachev); have somebody on (убеждать в чем-то, что на самом деле не соответствует действительности, обычно шутки ради: I was having you on. We used to dream up nonsense to tell you, to see how much you would believe. LisLoki)
jarg. fake out (VLZ_58); play possum (VLZ_58)
Makarov. do in the eye; goof off; goof on; have a game with (someone – кого-либо); kid around (кого-либо); make a fool of (someone – кого-либо); make a fool out of (someone – кого-либо); play the fool with (someone – кого-либо)
Makarov., amer. play someone for a fool (кого-либо)
Makarov., inform., amer. fake out
obs. bubble; sell someone a bargain (кого-либо Bobrovska); put an ape in someone's hood (кого-либо; Придворные шуты часто носили обезьяну на плече. Bobrovska)
slang josh; jerk someone around (El Canto); do up brown (кого-либо)
vulg. fuck over with ((someone)); take the mickey out of ((someone); см. Mickey Bliss; кого-либо); take the piss out of (someone – кого-либо)
 on дурачить v
slang goof
 дурачиться v
gen. play tricks; fool; monkey; caper; clown; tomfool; freak; fun; play silly buggers; caperer; dally; toy; jive; kid around; goof (Sahara); play; make an ass of oneself; cut capers; fool about; cut didoes; cut up didoes (Anglophile); play the buffoon (Andrey Truhachev); carry on; foozle; rot; play the giddy goat; play the baby; do silly stuff (Tanya Gesse); horse around (Tanya Gesse); fadoodling (эвфемизм слова секс: Fadoodling can often lead to pregnancy vogeler); simp over (AlSeNo); play a practical joke (Taras)
brit., idiom. act the giddy goat (act the (giddy) goat: to fool around; to behave in a silly way: Betty had a little yellow umbrella up. I acted the goat a bit, turning and waving umpteen times till she was laughing.); act the goat (act the (giddy) goat: to fool around; to behave in a silly way: Betty had a little yellow umbrella up. I acted the goat a bit, turning and waving umpteen times till she was laughing.)
Gruzovik, inform. play the fool
idiom. extract the urine (Interex); act the ape (VLZ_58); do monkey business (Stop doing monkey business and start your homework! Taras)
inform. play silly bleeders (Anglophile); clown around (Andrey Truhachev); do something stupid (Andrey Truhachev); diddle; lark about (Andrey Truhachev); lark around (Andrey Truhachev); make faces (MichaelBurov); pull faces (MichaelBurov); yuk it up (VLZ_58); mess around (Юрий Гомон); mess about (Andrey Truhachev); yank around (HarlemHomeboy); fanny around (mviformat); play around (VLZ_58); play the goat
inform., amer. goof around (The kids were all goofing around, waiting for the bus. • OK, you two, stop goofing around! Val_Ships)
lit. lolly (Энтони Шумов)
Makarov. cut a caper; blow bubbles; dally with; monkey about; muck around; play a practical joke; play a trick; play with; toy with (с чем-либо)
Makarov., inform. horse about; horse around; play the fool
obs. silly
slang cut up; monkey around (Helene2008); scam (You'd get better grades if you didn't scam so much. У тебя были бы лучше отметки если бы ты не дурачился так много. Interex); fool around
uncom. droll
vulg. muck about; fuck about (He was just fucking about. – Он всего-навсего дурачился. 4uzhoj)
vulg., mean.3 fuck around
 дурачась v
gen. zanily
 дурачащий prtc.
trav. fooling
 дурачится v
gen. fool with
 дурачивший prtc.
trav. fooled
 дурачащийся prtc.
trav. fooling
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