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gen. use as a basis (Alex Lilo); use (immortalms); base (on Alex Lilo); build on (We built on our first author’s early research on Russian national culture, organizational practices, and leadership style (Kets de Vries, 2000) VLZ_58); base on (Stas-Soleil); draw on (Stas-Soleil)
amer. build off of (although some linguists say this is an error; others say it means "Build off of means just that "to develop from" or "elaborate on" (or "capitalize on"): As my first ever Snap! project, I decided to make a basic platforming engine for anyone to use and build off of, being able to make their own platformer with the hard part taken care of xD maybe this isnt needed but I'd say it can be useful for beginners who want a bit of a headstart without much hassle. • We have to recognize each person's strength and build off of them. 'More)
busin. rely upon (andrew_egroups)
econ. take as a basis
gen. piggyback (Баян)
брать что-нибудь за основу
gen. take as a starting point
брать за основу: 2 phrases in 2 subjects