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стараться изо всех силstresses
gen. try one's best (Anglophile); strain; struggle; fall over oneself; exert oneself to the utmost extent; strain every nerve; try hardest; move heaven and earth (Anglophile); huff and puff (they huff and they puff, but... Alexander Demidov); do one's very best (Anglophile); take great pains (TANUSHASTUDENT); go to great lengths (Notburga); go out of one's way to; be at pains (сделать что-либо); be at the pains (сделать что-либо); do damnedest; go flat out (We've been working flat out to get this done. CALD Alexander Demidov); dear life (Statys.Quo); plug away (vogeler); go to great pains (Dude67); work up a sweat (ad_notam); one's heart out (Wittlich); take great trouble (sophistt); go for it (4uzhoj); use best endeavors (Johnny Bravo); do utmost; try with all might; scramble (to struggle eagerly or unceremoniously for possession of something (Merriam-Webster) : I was late for work, had to scramble to catch up on my orders, and was just in a terrible mood all morning. (Reddit) ART Vancouver); give one's all (Vladimir); try hard; do one's damnedest; put one's back into (sth.)
Игорь Миг fight; be in a mad dash
Gruzovik, inf. do one's utmost; try with all one's might
idiom. go full force (Alex_Odeychuk)
inf. do one's best (Buddy89); bust one's butt (idiomatic, vulgar) to work very hard, to put in a lot of effort greenuniv); go to pains (kislitsa); do one's damnest (dj_formalin); work tail off (george serebryakov); by all out (gennady shevchenko)
Makarov. fall all over oneself; go all out; bend over backwards; do the darndest; do something to the best of one's ability; try one's damnedest; try the darndest
slang wire in; bust ass
slang, Makarov. go for broke
vulg. bust one's ass (выполнить работу, задание, достичь цели); bust one's nuts (выполнить работу, задание, достичь цели)
постараться изо всех сил
inf. give it one's best shot (do the best that one can: it's not easy, but I'm going to give it my best shot КГА)
for smth., for smb. или to do smth. стараться изо всех сил
inf. lay oneself out
стараться изо всех сил: 36 phrases in 3 subjects