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 взять v
gen. take out (в библиотеке В.И.Макаров); go for (=выбрать, сделать выбор в пользу: I think I'll go for the steak. What are you having? • If you are concerned about better camera, display, battery life and powerful processor then you should go for Samsung. • But if you are looking for stunning graphics and superb sounds, then maybe you should go for something else. 4uzhoj); work; charge; exact; grip; hire; operate; seize; surmount; win; carry; conquer; clear (барьер – в спорте); take with (чем-либо); be effective; take; jump; to something ((someone); что-либо, у кого-либо); cop; derive (e.g. from a source MargeWebley); come from (The transit authority needs an extra $400 million a year but where will it come from? – откуда их взять? ART Vancouver); assume; capture (город); contract; take up (совет, пожелание); take from; take in (арестовать и доставить в полицейский участок); take on (пассажиров); refused custody (под стражу yfcnz); get; grab; draw upon; borrow (что-либо у кого-либо на время: May I borrow your pen for a minute, please? • Jones said a man borrowed his cellphone to report to authorities that there were bodies across the highway. 4uzhoj); go with (=сделать выбор в пользу; в контексте: If this is your first gun, then go with something cheaper, and spend more money on ammo, because it will require practice. • If you need a family car you should go with something spacious like a caravan or a van. 4uzhoj)
Gruzovik grasp; take with one; receive; take into service; call in; claim; demand; occupy; take possession of; need; buy; accept
chess.term. support one side over the other (чью-либо) сторону(о необъективном арбитре)
dog. sic (команда собаке: Sic 'em, Mitzi.)
Gruzovik, inform. reason; arrest (См. брать); conclude (pf of брать); suppose (pf of брать); get (pf of брать)
idiom. come down with (To contract or get. Interex)
inform. work out (how does she work this out? – с чего она это взяла? wandervoegel); bag; bear; collect; gather; take bribes; go; apprehend (в знач. "арестовать" 4uzhoj); bring in (арестовать: You know you'll never bring me in alive. Abysslooker)
jarg. knock over (банк; в знач. "ограбить" 4uzhoj)
math. obtain; originate; prevail; succeed
med. pick up (Svetozar)
mil. retake (город, ранее захваченный противником: The Ukrainian army retook a number of towns that had been controlled by separatists in the past fortnight, including the rebel stronghold of Slavyansk. 4uzhoj); tаke (город у противника: First major town to be taken by Taliban since 2001 marked a significant victory for the group's new leader Mullah Mansoor 4uzhoj)
mus. hit (ноту wedjat); span (октаву)
nautic. pick up (пеленг); take in (груз на судно)
slang sneeze
sport. clear (высоту Andrey Truhachev)
tech. take on
 взяться v
gen. set about; undertake; partake; address oneself; enter; start; fall to; put one's hands; set one's hands; start out (за что-либо); take in hand; come from (There's already a huge shortage of nurses in B.C. Where do they come from? – Откуда им взяться? Откуда они возьмутся? ART Vancouver); go at; see about (за что-либо Acruxia); charge; exact; get down (to); grip; guarantee; hire; obtain; operate; seize; succeed (by means of by dint of); surmount; take upon oneself; touch; engage; settle; imbark; be effective; get; take; come to grips (Taras); work
Gruzovik take upon oneself to (with infinitive;); undertake to (with infinitive;); approach (a job of work; за что;); get hold of one another (за что; см. браться)
amer., inform. make a hitch of it (за что-либо)
econ. take up (за что-либо); settle down (за работу)
Gruzovik, inform. start growing rapidly (pf of браться); begin to burn well (pf of браться); be covered with (pf of браться); become saturated with (pf of браться); become steeped in (pf of браться)
inform. appear разг. to begin to burn well; bear; become steeped (in); collect; come; gather; take bribes; take someone in hand (за кого-либо); go
Makarov. fall to (за еду и т. п.); take in hand (за что-либо)
Makarov., new.zeal., austral., inform. come at (за что-либо)
math. begin
 взяли! v
gen. come on!; ho; yo-heave-ho; gung-ho; hoa
excl. hey-ho!
nautic., Makarov. bear a hand! (команда)
 взяв v
gen. having grabbed (Andrew Goff); grabbing (Andrew Goff)
math. having taken
 "взяли!" v
gen. yo-ho
 возьмём ... v
gen. take the... (Баян)
 взять! v
dog. sic'em! (команда собаке Anglophile)
 "взять" v
jarg., crim. take
 возьмём v
math. we shall take; let us take
 взять! v
obs. huic (команда собакам при охоте на лис)
 "взять" v
slang round up
 взять ... v
gen. take the... (Баян)
 возьми v
gen. take it off (Stormy)
 "взяться" v
idiom. clamp down on (за что-либо; Например: The government has decided to clamp down on smoking in public places. Acruxia)
 взяли v
nautic. heave ho (возгласы)
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