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 ежегодно adv.
gen. annually; yearly; on an annual basis (Alexander Matytsin); year over year (YOY EBelonogova); year on year (used for talking about situations in which something continues to change or develop every year. MED. • Spending has increased year on year. OALD Alexander Demidov); year-on-year (gross margins fell year-on-year. OD Alexander Demidov); in annual terms (BRUNDOV); each year (triumfov); y-o-y (olga garkovik)
Gruzovik every year
Игорь Миг per year interval; each and every year
abbr. Y/Y (year over year Alex Lilo)
account. per annum pensionary
book. anniversarily
busin. per year; p.a. (per annum, PA); on a yearly basis (Alexander Matytsin); PA
dril. p. a. (per annum)
lat. per annum
 ежегодный adj.
gen. annual; anniversary; yearly; once-a-year (Ремедиос_П)
insur. yearly (но)
law Anne
mil., avia. annually
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