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gen. incident; accident; occurrence; event; passage; episode
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gen. over
недолтом | до ВПП
 до ВПП
astronaut. uprange of the runway
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происшествие nstresses
авария; нештатная сиутация; несчастный случай
gen. incident; accident (на объекте); occurrence; event; passage; episode; incidental; affair; development; happening; haphazard; emergency (чрезвычайное); scene; disruptive event (dreamjam); oddity (Alex_Odeychuk); intercurrence; period; proceeding; transaction; business
auto. emergency
avia., OHS incident (лётное)
avia., prof.jarg. snakebite; mishap; trouble
context. trigger (an event or thing that causes something to happen: the trigger for the strike was the closure of a mine. NOED Alexander Demidov); experience (Recently, my wife and I had a very unexpected experience at our local Sears store. – необычное происшествие ART Vancouver)
el. accident
law accidental occurence
mil., avia. accident, incident, deficiencies
mil., lingo foul-up (MichaelBurov); do (MichaelBurov)
sec.sys. casualty (с гибелью людей)
происшествия n
gen. developments
police occurrences (Taras)
slang goings-on (Interex)
лётное происшествие n
mil., avia. accident
чрезвычайное происшествие n
mil. accident
лётные происшествия n
mil., avia. accidents
происшествие в связи с: 12 phrases in 4 subjects
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