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gen. as; just so; then; yes; like that; one way
| тихо
gen. soft
| что можно услышать как муха пролетит
gen. could have heard a pin drop
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  так n
gen. now then (suburbian)
  так adv.
так, например; в связи с этим
gen. so, for example (в начале предложения 4uzhoj); in this connection (и другие выражения со смыслом "в таком случае, поэтому, в связи с этим, вследствие этого" (в начале реплики) Farrukh2012); at this rate (В.И.Макаров); in that way (таким образом; напр., ..., why refer to him in that way? Alex_Odeychuk); indicatively (как вводная фраза: The vigilance imposed by all police departments and the cooperation between different police departments has proven to be positive and now more cases are reported and more offenders are being brought to justice. Indicatively, the number of cases reported increased from 9 cases in 2000 to 91 cases in 2004 and 47 in 2005, whereas the number of persons accused increased from 18 in 2000 to 194 in 2004 and 74 in 2005.); that
Gruzovik this way
Игорь Миг indeed (Так, с третьей обзорной Конференции не появилось никаких новых свидетельств о том, что именно противотранспортные мины, а не... -Indeed, since the Third Review Conference, no new evidence had emerged that anti-vehicle mines posed a greater risk during and after conflicts than ...)
book., arch. thus (в значении "таким образом": At length in his wavering heart was formed the fixed resolve to make appeal to a man of high estate ; and before an assemblage of all the nobles he thus began to plead: 'Avitus, saviour of the world, to whom it is no new glory to be besought by Aetius..." • Thus he spoke, and then he said to them, "Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep, but I go to awake him out of sleep." – Сказав так, Он добавил: „Наш друг Лазарь уснул, но Я пойду и разбужу его". (John 11:11 RSVCE) Vakhnitsky)
inf. righty-ho (introducing a sentence in order to draw attention to the importance of what is being said: Righty-ho, let's get going. 4uzhoj)
  так! adv.
lat. sic (помета, указывающая на точное соответствие оригиналу; обыкн. ставится в квадратных скобках после слова или выражения)
  так int.
gen. well
  так part.
таким образом; так себе
gen. as; just so; then; yes; like that; one way; like this; as much; in such a way; specifically (tavost); in this vein (Евгений Тамарченко); that way (1. Подобным образом: What makes her act that way?; 2. Таким образом, благодаря этому: Let's start carpooling to work. We'll save a bunch of money on gas that way. • Go to the search engines and set up alerts for your name, your company name, the title of your book or name of your products. That way you'll know who's talking about you and you can get in touch with them or respond on your own blog. AMlingua); now (linton); right on (восклицание); like; this (в знач. "настолько": Oh, and no one said that it'd be easy • But no one said it'd be this hard. (Bon Jovi) VLZ_58); thuswise; ever (Was she ever mad. markovka); so (Значит, тогда (в начале предложения, являющегося выводом или заключением из предыдущего) = introducing a concluding statement Farrukh2012); I believe so; so that; and now (как начало фразы 4uzhoj); accordingly (kee46); right (выражает ожидание продолжения Abysslooker); thataway (Taras); for example (when "так" begins a sentence: "Так,..." = "For example, ..." Tanya Gesse); for instance (в значении "например" 4uzhoj)
Игорь Миг for one (в знач. "например": Some groups of the elite think elections would give them better chances, and they are ready for that. For one, Yulia Tymoshenko ... has pulled her party out of negotiations for a new coalition, effectively declaring war on the government.)
inf. here we go (т-а-а-к... Tamerlane)
law wit (Tanya Gesse)
Makarov. accordingly
patents. in the effect that
  так! part.
а ну-ка
gen. attention (Анна Ф); that's it (That's it! No more horseplay in the house. • Schneider clapped his hands loudly. "That's it, guys. Get out of here. Come on, show's over." 4uzhoj)
  так? part.
gen. right?; is that it? ("And let me get another thing straight," I said. "You don't mind your wife playing around, but you don't want her playing with somebody named Vannier. Is that it?" (Raymond Chandler) ART Vancouver)
  это так part.
gen. be the case (It is possible that this will turn out to be the case, of course, just as the earlier more pessimistic views might have been right. • Yet only a small proportion of business schools seem to agree that this is the case. • If this were the case they would be thus used right now.)
 Russian thesaurus
  ТАК abbr.
abbr. тактическое авиационное командование (США); тяжелый авианесущий крейсер
abbr., med. тормозная аминокислота (Урфин); тормозящая аминокислота (Урфин)
abbr., mil. тактическое авиационное командование
так тихо) что: 6 phrases in 3 subjects