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 очнуться v
gen. wake from a stupor; regain consciousness; wake out of trance; wake (часто wake up); revive oneself (of smth. Notburga); come out of it (When I came out of it, she had been murdered. - Когда я очнулся ART Vancouver); come back; come to; come round (прийти в себя); come to oneself (приходить в сознание); awake; recover senses; become wide awake (Andrey Truhachev); come around (прийти в себя); come out of a blackout (Imagine coming out of a blackout to discover you'd voted for Ted Cruz. VLZ_58); rouse (ото сна Побеdа)
Gruzovik recover one’s senses (pf only); wake (pf only); awake (pf only)
inform. snap out of it (itsacatfish)
Makarov. recover consciousness; recover oneself; come to life; awake from a dream; regain consciousness (прийти в чувство); wake up; come to oneself (прийти в чувство)
med. be up (he's up - он очнулся Markus Platini)
 " очнуться" v
gen. recollect oneself (Andrey Truhachev)
 очнутся v
gen. recover consciousness; regain consciousness
 очнитесь! v
gen. snap out of it! (Taras)
 очнись v
amer. wake up and smell the coffee (Anglophile)
 Очнись! v
inform. Get real! (ilma_r)
 очнитесь v
gen. get over yourself (pivoine)
 очнись! v
gen. snap out of it! (Taras)
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