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  command [kə'mɑ:nd] n
comp., MS ពាក្យបញ្ជា (An instruction to a computer program that, when issued by the user, causes an action to be carried out. Commands are usually either typed at the keyboard or chosen from a menu)
 English thesaurus
  command [kə'mɑ:nd] abbr.
abbr. com
mil. control and communications system; control and identification
mil., abbr. cmd; comd
mil., logist. The authority and responsibility vested in a member of the military forces for the purpose of using available resources, planning their employment, organizing, directing, coordinating and controlling military forces. 2. A unit, group of units, organization or area under the authority of a single commander. 3. An order given by a member of the military forces with the vested authority, expressing his will to bring about a particular action. (UKR/NATO); Order given by a commander. It expresses the commander's will regarding the execution of a given action. Chain of sequenced actions consisting in: 1. giving orders. It requires: that they be prepared following a thinking process, that the decision s be taken, that they be written and disseminated; 2. controlling their execution in: following the situation, conducting the maneuver and especially coordinating the actions of units; 3. reporting. There are 3 levels of command responsibilities: 1. Decision commander and conduct chief of staff ; 2. Synthesis, coordination, proposition commander of the op-center and cells commanders ; 3. Execution and conduct staff officers . (FRA)
tech., abbr. cd
USA The authority that a commander in the armed forces lawfully exercises over subordinates by virtue of rank or assignment. see also area command, combatant command, combatant command command authority; An order given by a commander; that is, the will of the commander expressed for the purpose of bringing about a particular action. see also area command, combatant command, combatant command command authority; A unit or units, an organization, or an area under the command of one individual (JP 1) see also area command, combatant command, combatant command command authority
  Command [kə'mɑ:nd] n
gen. Control and Communications
abbr., file.ext. .com (file name extension); .cmd (file name extension)
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