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  ID [ɪd] abbr.
abbr. identification document (Alexander Matytsin); Directive to intercept and identify the target (also aircrew ID accomplished, followed by type aircraft); During The Day; I Dare; I Deserve; Identify or Identification; Idle Format; Ill Defined; Image Dynamics; Immediate Dominance; Immuno Deficiency; Increased Deployability (Posture); Incredible Deals; Independence Day; independent (Vosoni); indicator driver; Individual Design; Individual Development; induced draft; Industrial Distribution; Industry Discount; Ineffective Dose; Information And Decisions; Information Database; Information Design; юр.,АУС item description; Inner Dummy; Insertion Device; Instructional Design; instructional designer (Yakov); Instructor Development; Instrumentation Directorate; Integrate Differentiate; Intellectually Deficient; Intelligent Design; Intelligent Designer; Intelligent Device; Intelligent Display; Interbank Deposit; Internal Directory; International Database; International Director; Intersection Dimension; Intestinal Diet; Into The Darkness; Intrusion Detection; Isotope Dilution-mass; Iterative Dichotomizer; IDentification
abbr., amer. Interior Department
abbr., bank. MB (Himera)
abbr., BrE infantry depot; Inniskilling Dragoons; Intelligence Department
abbr., comp., net. identifier
abbr., el. identification dataword; identification point; image device; image domain; impulse duration; inband DP; index dip; information data; information distribution; infrared detector; initial data; input diode; insertion delay; interactive debugger; interdigital; interface data; interface device; intermediate description; item descriptor
abbr., electr.eng. inductance
abbr., energ.ind. inventory difference (MichaelBurov)
abbr., file.ext. Disk identification file; Identification file (e.g. disk.id Vosoni)
abbr., geogr. Idaho (Vosoni)
abbr., IT identificator; information distributor; instruction decoder
abbr., lab.eq. Inhibitor of Differentiation
abbr., law identification card; income duty
abbr., Makarov. integral discretization; intelligent documentation
abbr., med. Implant Dentistry (periodical); Infant Death; Initial Dyskinesia; Intradermal; initial diagnosis (постановка первичного диагноза Dimpassy); intradermal (Vosoni); Iron Deficiency (ННатальЯ); Infectious Disease (код больничного отделения Ying)
abbr., mil. AMP Identification Amplification; Identification Interface Device; identification document (Киселев); initiating directive
abbr., nucl.pow. irradiation device (MichaelBurov); irradiation facility (MichaelBurov)
abbr., O&G i.d. (MichaelBurov); inside diameter (MichaelBurov); internal diameter (MichaelBurov)
abbr., O&G, sahk.r. Internal Diameter
abbr., O&G, sakh. name; inside diameter (of a pipe, vessel, or similar container)
abbr., oil deep induction log; internal diameter (andrushin)
abbr., physiol. Identification; ImmunoDeficiency; Infectious Disease; Intra-Dermal
abbr., police identify
abbr., polit. Indonesia
abbr., polym. inside dimension; inside diameter
abbr., psychiat. Intellectual Disability (Lana Falcon)
abbr., scottish Infantry Division (USA); Idaho (US state); Indonesia (NATO country code)
abbr., sec.sys. identity
abbr., soil. interdunal depression
abbr., tech. I.D. (MichaelBurov); female (Natally); interior diameter
energ.ind. industrial data; industry data; interaction probability; isotope dilution
mil. identification data; immediate delivery; impact detector; inadvertent destruction; incapacitating dose; indefinite delivery; indicating device; infantry division; infective dose; information department; information display; initial development; injected dose; inner diameter; installation data; intelligence division; intelligence duties; interactive discrimination; interface document; intrusion detector; issue date; item description
tech. initial distribution; input detector; instrumental drift; Internet-draft; inventory difference; inversed diode; isolation diffusion; the same
  ID3 abbr.
abbr., AI. ID3 (Begriffs-Lernalgorithmus)
abbr., el. iterative dichotomizer 3
abbr., progr., IT Tag Embedded In MPEG
  ID. abbr.
abbr., lat. Idibus ("on the Ides")
abbr., slang identification (Can you show me some I.D. please?)
  4ID abbr.
abbr. 4th Infantry Division
  ID 50 abbr.
abbr., mil., WMD median incapacitating dose
  ID/50 adj.
mil. infective dose, median
  id [ɪd] abbr.
abbr. identification; identifier; indicator; industrial design; inside diamer; inside diameter
  id. abbr.
abbr. identification; identify; identifier
lat. Idem ("same"); idem (the same Vosoni)
  Id [ɪd] abbr.
abbr. island
abbr., commer. light draught; load
abbr., earth.sc. idocrase
  Id. abbr.
abbr., econ. idem
abbr., med. the same
lat. Idus ("Ides")
  ID [ɪd] abbr.
abbr. instantaneous description; induced draught (draft); inside inner diameter; Intelligence Division (Army); investigation department; inside dimensions
abbr., avia. installation drawings; interface drawings; icing detector
abbr., busin. idem; industrial development; inverted
abbr., construct. improvement district
abbr., earth.sc. independent duration; industrial diamond; information directory; initial dose
abbr., econ. islamic dinar (The modern Islamic gold dinar (sometimes referred as Islamic dinar or Gold dinar) is a projected bullion gold coin, so far not issued as official currency by any national state aldrignedigen)
abbr., exhib. identity card
abbr., med. Ischemia driven (iwona)
abbr., oil import declaration; increment depth; induced draught; information drawing; initial depth; inner inside, internal diameter; installation drawing; instruction/data; instrument drift; instrument drive; intelligent digitizer; interconnection diagram; interdune; Iraqi Dinar; isotope dilution (results)
abbr., radio intermodulation distortion
abbr., space implementation document; informal documentation
abbr., telecom. insulation displacement; insulation displacement (connection)
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