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  HD abbr.
abbr. Hewlett Packard; Homeland defense (Artjaazz); A Half Degree; Half Done; Hall Director; Hammer Down; Hammered Dulcimer; hand (comb form); Hand Drawn; Hans Dieter; Happy Day; Hardly Dangerous; Hardly Davidson; Hardware Design; Harley Davidson; harmonic distortion; Harmonised Document; Harmonized Document; Hausdorff Dimension; Have Done; Head Delegate; head diameter; Hearing Distance; Help Desk; Henry Draper; Henry Duncan; Hexagonal Diamond; High Desert; High Dose; High Dumbass; High Durability; Highest Divisor; ion impact desorption; ion induced desorption; Hilary Doda; Historical Division; Holy Drumstick; Home Defense; Home Depot; Home Depot, Inc.; Homeless Dog; Horizontal Ground Distance; Horse Dung; Hospital Day; Host Directory; Hot Dog; House District; House Doctor; Hundred Dollars; Hundreds Of Dollars; Hurter And Driffield; Hurter Driffield; Hyperactive Disorder; Hard Disk
abbr., amer. Honorable Discharge
abbr., astronaut. Henry Draper catalog entry
abbr., BrE Highland Division; home defence
abbr., clin.trial. Human Dose (Игорь_2006)
abbr., comp., net. half-duplex
abbr., dialys. haemodialysis
abbr., dog. hip dysplasia
abbr., el. hard decision (receiver); head drum; heavily damaging condition; hexagonal diamond structure; hierarchical direct; high-doping; highly dislocated; host drive; hot docking; hybrid detector
abbr., gen. Human Dimension; high dose
abbr., IT Hard Drive; hard disk (Bricker); Hard drive (жесткий диск kumold)
abbr., lab.eq. distilled mustard
abbr., med. Haab-Dimmer (syndrome); Heart Disease; Helix Destabilizing (protein); Hodgkin's Disease (lymphoma); Human Diploid (cells); hearing distance; hemodialysis (гемодиализ Dimpassy); Huntington's disease (болезнь Хантингтона Dimpassy); hip disarticulation; Hirschsprung disease; horse dander
abbr., media. High Definition
abbr., met. hard-drawn
abbr., mil. sulphur mustard (Киселев); High Demand; a mustard agent; homeland defense
abbr., mil., WMD Distilled mustard; mustard agent distilled , bis(2-chloroethyl)sulfide; mustard
abbr., oil high detergent; hole diameter; hydril
abbr., opt. half duplex
abbr., physiol. Hip Dysplasia; human α-defensin; Huntington's Disease
abbr., polym. heavy-duty; hexadiene; high density
abbr., scottish Distilled Mustard (Chemical warfare blister agent); Heavy Duty; High Drag (bomb)
energ.ind. high-density; hodoscope
mil. harbor defense; headquarters detachment; horizontal distance; horse-drawn; humanitarian deferment
physiol. Heart disease
physiol., med. Hemodialysis
tech. air-conditioning apparatus; half-duplex operation; half-duplex transmission; Hamming distance; hard drawn; hearth diameter; heavy decoy; hyperfocal distance
TV horizontal drive
  2HD abbr.
abbr., el. second-order harmonic distortion
  Hd abbr.
abbr. hogshead
abbr., earth.sc. hedenbergite; hedyphane
chem. Hexanedione (iwona)
energ.ind. developed adiabatic head; developed adiabatic head of gas column
  hd. abbr.
abbr. feet-head
abbr., earth.sc. hard
abbr., econ. heavy-duty
abbr., sport. head
pmp. total discharge head (общий напор greyhead)
  hd abbr.
abbr. heading; height to distance ratio
polym. hard; head
  Hd. abbr.
abbr. headland
abbr., earth.sc. head
  HD abbr.
abbr. minidiskette-2; hypersexual disorder (soulveig); diamond hardness; heavy draught (draft); high duty; high duty lubricant
abbr., avia. height difference
abbr., busin. had; hand; hand-draw; heavy diesel; heavy draft; heavy draught; honorary degree; hook damage
abbr., commer. harbour defence
abbr., earth.sc. habitat demand; high drought; high duty lubricating; horizontal direction; humidity deficit; hydraulic; hydrodynamic model; hyperite dolerites
abbr., ecol. habitat destruction
abbr., econ. hd hhd hogshead
abbr., IT hierarchic direct
abbr., life.sc. homeodomain; Huntington disease
abbr., mar.law hire per day (Ying)
abbr., met. hearth diametre
abbr., multimed. high-density disk
abbr., oil head driver; height displacement; 1,6- hexanediol; hexadecane; high dielectric (type); high-duty; hole deviation; horizontal deflection; horizontal displacement; horizontal distortion; horizontal drilling; hot dry rock development (failure); hyperdome perforating
abbr., space height-to-distance ratio
abbr., sport. Height Difference
abbr., tech. hoist drive (Ying); high-definition
  HD2 abbr.
abbr. second harmonic distortion
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