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  DPI abbr.
abbr. Department Of Public Information; SNMP Distributed Program Interface (SNMP, RFC 1228); SNMP Distributed Protocol Interface (SNMP, RFC 1592); Daily Price Information; Degreasing, Pickling, And Inhibiting; Development Protocol Initiative; Digital Pacing Item; Digital Phone Interface; Digital Photography Imaging; Director of Public Information; Don't Print Idiot; dual polarisation interferometry (Интерферометрия двойной поляризации Janneke Groeneveld); dispatching power indicater
abbr., agric. days post inoculation
abbr., auto. fuel plug inhibit
abbr., avia. departure planning information; direct petrol injection
abbr., comp., MS dpi (The standard used to measure screen and printer resolution, expressed as the number of dots that a device can display or print per linear inch. The greater the number of dots per inch, the better the resolution)
abbr., dentist. dental plaque index (MichaelBurov); plaque accumulation (MichaelBurov); plaque accumulation index (MichaelBurov); plaque index (MichaelBurov); PI (MichaelBurov)
abbr., earth.sc. damage potential index; Diamond Products International
abbr., econ. disposable personal income
abbr., el. data processing interface; dial pulse indication; digital panel integrator; digital peripheral interface; display pixel interface; double processing interface; DuPont Photomasks, Inc.
abbr., IT Dots Per Inch
abbr., manag. design, fabrication, installation
abbr., meteorol. Dietary Protein Intake; Dry powder inhaler (Игорь_2006)
abbr., O&G, sahk.s. discounted profitability index
abbr., O&G, sakh. dye penetration inspection
abbr., oil depthmeter potential; depth and position indicator; dimethylphenanthrene index; dost per inch; dynamic productivity index
abbr., physiol. Days Post Inoculation
abbr., space designed point of impact
abbr., telecom. deep packet inspection (MT; While the blocking of specific content is possible through so-called deep packet inspection (DPI) filtering, employing this technology is expensive and cumbersome. TMT Alexander Demidov); Distributed Protocol Interface
abbr., UN Department of Public Information
abbr., weld. Dye Penetrant Inspection (неразрушающий тип испытания Leenx)
mil. data processing installation; defense plant installation; delayed procurement item; desired point of impact
tech. dark field illumination; detected pulse interference; development flight instrumentation
  dpi abbr.
abbr. dots per inch (resolution)
abbr., mil. dots per inch
immunol. Days Post Infection (iwona); days post-inoculation (iwona)
mil., WMD Dot per inch
O&G, casp. Differential Pressure Indicator (Snapper)
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