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CA [,si:'eɪ] abbr.
abbr. continue-any mode; computer access; control tower; α-cumyl alcohol; Canada A; Canada As; Catalan; Central America; Clean Air; Cab To Axle; Can't Add; Canadian Army; Canadian Authors' Association; Cancer Associated; Candy Ass; Carbon Alpha; Card Advantage; Cartoon Artist; Cell Arrival (ATM); Channel Access; Charge d'Affaires; chartered accountant (A qualified member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, or the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland. These were the original bodies to be granted royal charters. Other bodies of accountants now have charters (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy) but their members are not known as chartered accountants. Most firms of chartered accountants are engaged in public practice concerned with auditing, taxation, and other financial advice; however, many trained chartered accountants fulfil management roles in industry. OB&M Alexander Demidov); Chesapeake and Albemarle Railroad; Chic Anonymous; Chromic Acid; Chronological Age; CIM architecture; Cinnamic Acid; Circa About; Civil Aviation; Client Active; Cognitive Apprenticeship; College of Arms; Collision Avoidance; Combat Arms; Combat Assessment; Command Authority; Commercial Activities; Common Amplification; Common Applications; Communication Area; Community Associate; Complete Annihilation; Comptroller of the Army; Computer Accuracy; Computer Animation; Computer Assholes; Computer Assistant; Computer Associates International, Inc.; COMSEC Account; Confederate Army; Configuration Audit; Conflict Alert; Constant Acquisitions; Consulting Agreement (ННатальЯ); Consumers'Association; Continental Accessories; Continuous Access; Continuous Assessment; Contract Air; Controller of Accounts; Controlling Authority; Cooley's Anemia; Corporate Affairs (SEIC ABelonogov); Court of Appeal; Court of Appeals; Cranking Amperes; Creatures Adventures; Crewman's Associate; Cultural Awareness; Cyanoacrylate Adhesive; Heavy Cruiser; Chief Accountant; Common Article (Киселев); clerical assistant
abbr., account. capital allowance; chargeable assets
abbr., adv. Census Agglomeration; commercial announcement
abbr., agric. carotid artery; controlled atmosphere (для глушения птиц Ася Кудрявцева); conservation agriculture
abbr., AI. Cultural Algorithm
abbr., anat. columellar artery (ННатальЯ)
abbr., auto. catalogue; closed door assistant unitauxiliary system; closing aid; closing assist; control arm
abbr., avia. cabin altitude; cabin attendants; calibrated altitude; change activity; commercial aircraft; conformity assessment; contamination avoidance; continued airworthiness; control axes; constituent assembly; cruise altitude; cabin address (Interex); capital airlines Inc.; cathedral angle; caution annunciator; centre authorize; certifying agency; change authority; cleaning agent; combiner assembly; command altitude; commercial airplane (aircraft); computed altitude; computer automation; configuration accounting; control airflow; controlled aircraft; conversion angle; countersink angle; course alignment; course to an altitude; cruising association; Air China (Air China Limited)
abbr., avia., Canada conflict alert
abbr., BrE chief accountant; Controller of Aircraft
abbr., busin. air cooled; centare; Certificate of Airworthiness; certified public accountant; charged affairs; chartered accountant; city architect; close annealed; commercial account; commercial attach; commercial aviation; consular agent; cost accountant; credit account
abbr., cardiol. continuous arrhythmia (obsolete, = atrial fibrillation Dimpassy); common atrium (общее предсердие Dimpassy)
abbr., cartogr. catchment area
abbr., chem. chloraniline; complexing agent; cresyl acrylate; Chemical Abstracts (Elmitera)
abbr., chem., BrE companys Act
abbr., chess.term. Chief Arbiter
abbr., clim. agriculture de conservation; agricoltura conservativa; agricultura di conservazione
abbr., commer. capital allowances; Company Act
abbr., comp., MS Corporate Account (сегмент клиентов vlad-and-slav)
abbr., comp., net. communication automation; communication adapter
abbr., cryptogr. certificate agency
abbr., earth.sc. calc-alkaline; Caribbean Area; carry; central area; chrysotile asbestos; Cincinnati Arch; coefficient of adjustment; concentrative action; conflict analysis; continental arc; continental aridity; continuous addition; correlation analysis; correspondence analysis; Crete Area
abbr., el. cache address; call accepted; call agent; carrier amplifier; case-to-air (thermal resistance); cast-based animation; cell allocation; cell animation; cell array; charging analysis; chemical amplification; chemically amplified (resist); circuit array; coarse adjustment; code acquisition; commercial application; communications adapter; computer application; computer architecture; conductive adhesive; congestion avoidance; connect acknowledge; construction analysis; contingency approach; control abstraction; control agent; cooperative agent; cost accounting; critical angle; crypto API; current activation; p-chloranil; certification certifying authority
abbr., electr.eng. contact ammeter
abbr., energ.ind. Contingency Analysis (MichaelBurov)
abbr., expl. catechol amine
abbr., file.ext. Initial cache data for root domain servers (Telnet)
abbr., fin. capital appreciation; consumers association
abbr., IT change accumulation; channel attachment; collision avoid; communications automation; computer algebra; continue-any; Certification Authority; Clear All; Clip Art; Computer Aided; common application; computer associates (Bricker); current awareness; certificate authority; Certificate Certification authority; Computer Assisted
abbr., karate. call allotter; candle; controlled approach; counterpoise antenna; coverage area
abbr., lab.eq. Coxsackievirus A
abbr., med. chronologic age; contrast angiography; croup associated (virus); cytosine arabinoside; About (Lat. Circa); Candle; Carcinoma; Calcium; Cancer; Candida Albicans; Cathode; Cancer Antigen; Cancer Journal For Clinicians; Caproic Acid; Capsid Protein; Cardiac Angiography; Cardiac Apnea; Cardiac Arrest; Cardiac Arrhythmia; Carotid Artery; Cell Automation; Cellulose Acetate; Cocaine Anonymous / Cocaïnomanes Anonymes; Cranial Academy; coronary artery; calcium antagonist (iwona); cancer antigen (Brücke); carbohydrate antigen; carbonic anhydrase; catecholamine; central arteriole; cholic acid; cold agglutinin; common antigen; conditioned abstinence; contractile activity; cortisone acetate; Council-accented; croup-associated (virus); Cyclophosphanum, Adriamycinum; cytotoxic antibodies; abbreviation for Cancer (WAHinterpreter); Cocaine Anonymous; coronary angiography
abbr., med., lat. corpora amylacea
abbr., met. continuous annealing
abbr., microbiol. categorical agreement (Natalya Rovina)
abbr., mil. Cost Analysis; civic action; chaplain assistant; combat assessment; coordinating altitude; credibility assessment; criticality assessment
abbr., mil., air.def. constant acceleration; crypt & analysis
abbr., mil., WMD chemical warfare agents; chemical warfare agents munition; combustion air; cost account; criticality analysis
abbr., mining. Concentric Action
abbr., O&G Central Asia (MichaelBurov)
abbr., O&G, sahk.r. Certifying Authority; Contract Amendments
abbr., O&G, sakh. Construction Assistance; cost assessment
abbr., O&G, sakh.a. corrosion allowance
abbr., oil cable address; cable assembly; calc-alkalic; calcareous; calcium monoaluminate; cancel; capillary limit; capital account; carboxylic acid; card area; cash advance; cause of action; cementing agent; Central Africa; central anticline; chelating agent; Chemical Age; chief adviser; chromel alumel (thermocouples); circuitry adapter; citric acid; clause accessories; clay acid; cleanup additive; coagulant aids; cold air; collective agreement; commercial agent; commercial attache; common azimuth; comparative analysis; compass adjustment; complex agents; complex angle; compressed air; Computer & Control Abstracts; conductivity alarm; cone angle; constant amplification; contract area; coralline algae; correct answer; cost accounting; coupling agent; crab angle; credit advice; crosslinking agent; curing agent; cyanuric acid; elevation correction
abbr., oil.lubr. competent authority (A Hun)
abbr., opt. clear aperture
abbr., org.chem. citraconic acid (igisheva)
abbr., physiol. Caucasian Adult; Cornu Ammonis
abbr., physiol., med. Coronary Artery
abbr., plast. cellulose ace tate
abbr., polym. cellulose acetate; chlorendic anhydride; continuity additive (агент непрерывности Mus)
abbr., progr. cellular automata (ssn); cellular automaton (ssn); certificate authority (ssn); Conditional Access (ssn)
abbr., proj.manag. control account
abbr., PSP categories of application of contacts
abbr., psychiat. cateholamine
abbr., publ.law. Companies Act (igisheva)
abbr., qual.cont. certification agency (igisheva)
abbr., radio sonar commutator assemblies
abbr., refrig. controlled atmosphere
abbr., scottish Bromobenzyl cyanide (Chemical warfare agent); Coastal Artillery; Compania Anonima (Venezuela); Conformal-array Aerial; Controller Aircraft; Crank Angle; Gun Cruiser (USA); California (US state); Canada (NATO country code)
abbr., sec.sys., IT Certificate Authority
abbr., shipb. compress air
abbr., soil. caldera
abbr., space call address; capture area; Center for Astrophysics; channel allocation; circuit analog; coarse acquisition; contingency; control authority; control airspace
abbr., sport. chronological age
abbr., tech. combat assessment criteria; course acquisition data
abbr., toxicol. cyclopiazonic acid (igisheva)
abbr., tradem. Computer Associates
abbr., water.suppl. cellulose acetate (membrane Altuntash)
energ.ind. circular arc; cleaning air; common area; concerted actions; constant attenuation; control area; controlled area; cooling air; corrective actions; country activities; critical area
invest. current account
meteorol. continental antarctic air; continental arctic
mil. coaxial; civil administration; civil affairs; civil aircraft; civil applications; civil authorities; closest approach; coast artillery; combat actions; combat aircrew; combat aptitude; combat assault; combined arms; command accountant; command action; commandant assistant; commitment authorization; component analysis; concealed aircraft; contingencies of the Army; contract administration; contract authorization; contract award; control assembly; control augmentation; controlled airspace; corps area; correct or amplify; corrective action; cost analysis; cost of arms; counterair; court of appeal; Cryptanalysis; cumulative amount; 4-Bromobenzylcyanide, оne of the first tear agents used, not as effective as CN or CS
physiol. Caucasian adult
polit., Canada Canada
railw. combined baggage and passenger car
tech. critical assembly; capacitor; cascade amplifier; Cassegrain antenna; certified accountant; channel adapter; channel address; channel amplifier; charge amplifier; chicken adenovirus; chopper amplifier; circular array; clipping amplifier; clutter attenuation; computer assembly; computer-aided; constant amplitude; construction authorization; control air; course angle; cylindrical array; sonar commutator assembly
tradem. Carrier
USA California
wood. teeth with right-hand back bevels
CA. abbr.
abbr., libr. chronological age
ca [,si:'eɪ] abbr.
abbr. about; cable; capital assets; cardiac arrest; case; cathode; commercially available; contra; covert action; cumulative account; current address; current assets; around
abbr., lab.eq. cold adapted
abbr., med. alternating current
abbr., oil cataclastic; center of area
biol. circa
mining. compass
polym. approximately
Ca [,si:'eɪ] abbr.
abbr. cancer (Vosoni); carcinoma; air-cooled; apparent compressibility; apparent conductivity; calcite; Canadian Automobile Association; Cauchy number; calcium; thermal conductance per unit area
abbr., drug.name Calcium
abbr., earth.sc. canal
abbr., med. Carter; cathodal
abbr., met. air-cooled (cooled in air)
abbr., oil calomel; cash account
ca. abbr.
abbr. cable; compass; around; case
abbr., chem. cathode
abbr., earth.sc. calcareous
abbr., libr. case
abbr., med. about; approximately; cancer
abbr., med., lat. circa
abbr., phys. candle
abbr., tech. about, around
Ca. abbr.
abbr., meteorol. Cavan (Anglophile); California; Canada; Canadian
CASA [,si:'eɪ] abbr.
abbr. Chartered Accountant
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