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 n PCM | n n
comp. パルス符号変調 (parusu-fugō-henchō); PCM
 English thesaurus
 PCM abbr.
abbr. Per Calendar Month; Personal Challenge Manager; postal commodity machine; Primary Care Manager; Product Change Management; Project Cost Model; Patrol Craft, Missile; Penalty Cost Model; Performance Computer Modulator; Personal Computer Manufacturer; Philippine Campaign Medal; Physical Connection Management (FDDI, SMT); Piece Of Crap Mode; Plug Compatible Machine; Plug-Compatible Mainframe; Pounds Current Money; Presidents Certificate of Merit; Pulse Coded Modulation
abbr., auto. Porsche Communication Management (ВВладимир); powertrain control module
abbr., automat. programmable control measurement
abbr., avia. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
abbr., bank. payments and cash management (Ремедиос_П)
abbr., comp., MS PCM (A technique for digitizing audio into an uncompressed format by assigning a value to the amplitude of the signal at fixed intervals)
abbr., comp., net. plug-compatible manufacturer; pulse-code modulation
abbr., ed., scient. Physics Chemistry And Mathematics
abbr., el. photochemical machining
abbr., el., scient. Power Control Module; Powertran Control Module
abbr., electr.eng. pulse-count modulation
abbr., file.ext. Printer Cartridge Metric (HP); Punched Card Machine
abbr., inet. Please Call Me
abbr., IT Parallel Cache Management; Personal Call Manager; Plug Compatible Manufacturers; papercopy manager (harser); program-compatible machine; program-compatible manufacturer; punch-card machine
abbr., Makarov. point charge model
abbr., med. Primary Cutaneous Melanoma; Protein Carboxymethylase; Protein-calorie Malnutrition; prevention case management; Primary Case Manager; paracetamol (Liolichka)
abbr., media. Propose Critique Modify; Pulse Code Modulator
abbr., microel. portable conformable mask (key2russia)
abbr., mil. Program Coordination Meeting; Pulse Code Modulation; Pulse Compression Modulation
abbr., mil., WMD Project controls manager
abbr., nano phase code modulation
abbr., O&G power and control module (MichaelBurov); phase contrast microscope
abbr., opt. phase-conjugate mirror
abbr., pharm. Pharmaceutical and Chemical Manufacturing (Olga_Tyn)
abbr., physiol., med. Prevention Case Management
abbr., polym. polymer composite material (MichaelBurov); polymeric composite material (MichaelBurov); phase-change material
abbr., post Postal Commodity Machine (vending machine); Procurement Contracting Manual (USPS Procurement & Supply)
abbr., scottish Pyrotechnic Countermeasures
abbr., st.exch. PIMCO Commercial Mortgage Securities Trust, Inc.
Apollo-Soyuz phasing correction maneuver
energ.ind. power-cooling mismatch; process control message
mil. passive countermeasures; planning and control memorandum
tech. passive countermeasure; pending contractual matter; phase conjugate mirror; plug-compatible manufacturers; plutonium contaminated material; polarization current mode; power cooling mismatch; program change management; project category matrix; pulse-code modulation equipment
therm.eng. percent mille
 PCMS abbr.
abbr. Princeton Community Middle School; performance calculation and monitoring system; Project & Configuration Management System
abbr., el. poly chloromethylstyrene; punched card machine system
abbr., el., scient. Plasma Chemistry Monte-Carlo Simulation
abbr., health., med. Philadelphia County Medical Society; Pierce County Medical Society
abbr., progr. platform content management system (ssn)
abbr., tradem. Petroleum Chemicals Marketing Services
abbr., transp. Portable Changeable Message Sign
Nasdaq P-Com, Inc.
 pcm n
gen. phase changing material (4uzhoj)
abbr. per calendar month (за календарный месяц, в месяц azu)
agric. percentage of moisture
 Pcm abbr.
abbr. composition characterizing parameter (a well-known industry term used to describe weldability vsw)
 PCM abbr.
abbr., airsh. project certification manager (If you wish to enquire about the status of your project, please contact directly your project certification manager (PCM) ilghiz)
abbr., avia. pilot control module; photo contact master; power conditioning module; practitioner of configuration management; program coordination memo
abbr., busin. project control memo
abbr., project cycle management
abbr., profiling current meter
abbr., el. parabolic collimator mirror; peripheral control module; phase contrast microscopy; photoformed ceramic module; physical countermeasures; plasma chemistry monitor; plug compatible mainframe; plug compatible memory; portable conformable masking method; powertrain controller module; precision capacitor microphone; preliminary checking message; primary code modulator; process communication monitor; process control module; processor channel module; processor core memory; producer-consumer model; product change manager; production cost management; program compatible mainframe; promotion and communication module; pulse compression mode-locking; pulse count modulation
abbr., fin. precommitment
abbr., med. protein-energy malnutrition
abbr., mil. pulse code modulation
abbr., oil paraffin crystal modifier; parameter for crack measurement; parts and components manual; pore combination modeling; porosity composite model; Precambrian metasediments; precision control mixing; process control modules; process control monitor; profile collar model; pulse-code modulator; pyrolysis-carbon isotope method
abbr., rem.sens. pulse coded modulation
abbr., space parametric cost modeling; phase change material; portable cardio monitor
 PCm abbr.
abbr., Pre-Cambrian
abbr., oil per cubic meter; Precambrian
 δPCM abbr.
abbr. Delta pulse code modulation
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