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  n news | n n
gen. ニュース gai1 ichi1; ニューズ; 音沙汰; 音信 news2 nf32; 消息 ichi1 news1 nf11 (from somebody, しょうそく); 情報 ichi1 news1 nf01 (じょうほう); 報道 ichi1 news1 nf01; 新報 often used in newspaper and magazine names
  news [nju:z] n
gen. 沙汰 news2 nf46; 訪れ news1 nf16; 記事 Life Science Dictionary (Shuji Kaneko) ; 知らせ (しらせ) Life Science Dictionary (Shuji Kaneko)
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gen. 通信 ichi1 news1 nf01 (つうしん)
  n n-suf news | n n-suf n
gen. news1 nf18
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gen. 報知 news2 nf27 spec2
  News [nju:z] n
comp., MS ニュース (The News appex splash screen, News appex live tile, News app)
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gen. 便り pron. だより as a suffix ichi1 news1 nf13
 English thesaurus
  NEWS [nju:z] abbr.
abbr. National Emu Watching Society; National Environment and Wildlife Society; New England Weavers Seminar; naval electronic warfare simulator; Netware Early Warning System (Novell, Netware); Network extensible Window System; Networked Extensible Windowing System (Sun); Nuclear Engineering Workstation Simulator; Nuclear Events Web-based System; National Early Warning Score (coltuclu)
abbr., el. network early warning system; network-extensible window system
abbr., file.ext. NetWare Early Warning System (Frye Computer); Bitmap graphics (NeWS image file)
abbr., IT Bitmap graphics
abbr., media. National Editorial Weekly Service
abbr., opt. north, east, west, south
abbr., scottish Navy Electronic Warfare Simulator (US Navy)
mil. novel electronic weapon sight
  news [nju:z] abbr.
abbr. news agency
  NEWS. abbr.
abbr., file.ext. Current events (USENET Newsgroup Category)
  NEWS [nju:z] abbr.
abbr., neighborhood environmental workshops
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Computer networks7
Name of organization2
Obsolete / dated1
Satellite communications1
Titles of works of art1