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De [dɪ-,di:,de] abbr.
abbr., busin. debit
abbr., earth.sc. diffusion coefficient
DE [dɪ-,di:,de] abbr.
abbr. destroyer escort vessel; direction error
abbr., busin. deckle edged; deferred; density; design of experiments; diesel electric; distribution education; Doctor of Economics; Doctor of Engineering
abbr., chem. degree of esterification
abbr., commer. droits d' entree
abbr., comp., net. data engineering (проектирование данных Technical)
abbr., earth.sc. decussate; Department of the Environment; destratification efficiency; digital Earth; discrete element; diversion efficiency
abbr., IT device-end
abbr., oil decision element; Defo-elasticity; design and equipment; design engineering; design of experiments; detector electronics; dewaxed (oil); dielectric constant; diester; differential equation; differential expansion; digital element; drilling efficiency; driving end; dust eliminator
abbr., space deemphasis; dynamic effect; dynamics explorers
abbr., UN directed exercise
abbr., welf. disability evaluation (igisheva)
DE. abbr.
abbr., econ. deferred
DE [dɪ-,di:,de] abbr.
abbr. Dale Earnhardt; Delaware; destroyer escort; diesel-electric; double end; Germany; German; Directorate for Estimates (DIA); Department of Energy; авто. driving end
abbr., agric. digestible energy
abbr., anim.husb. digested energy
abbr., astronaut. Dynamics Explorer
abbr., auto. diesel engine; double ellipsoid
abbr., avia. decision error; default error; defensive electronics; density error; design engineer; design of experiment; direct energy; Doppler effect; Doppler error; double exponential; dynamic explorer
abbr., biol. dextrose equivalent
abbr., combust. driven end (MichaelBurov); generator driven end (MichaelBurov); driven end of the generator (MichaelBurov)
abbr., comp., net., IT Desktop Environment
abbr., econ. developed economy; delivered ex ship
abbr., ed. Distance Education; U. S. Department of Education
abbr., ed., scient. Department of Ecology
abbr., el. data-enable (input); data exchange; decompression engine; Defense Electronics; detect error; diethyl; digital equipment; discard eligibility; displacement estimation; distant end; double exposure (process); double proton exchange process; driver enable
abbr., file.ext. Device End
abbr., geol., scient. Diatomaceous Earth
abbr., IT Data Entry
abbr., lab.eq. Dextrose Equivalent
abbr., law Direct Examination
abbr., med. Deprived Eye; defecate hope; dentinoenamel junction; diabetic extremity; digestive energy; display element; Doctor of Entomology; dream elements; duck embryo; duration of ejection
abbr., media. Digital Edition
abbr., mil. Data Element; damage expectancy; decedent effects; directed energy; drug enforcement
abbr., mil., avia. date of entry
abbr., mil., WMD diisobutyl ether of methyl-phosphonic acid; disobutyl ether of methyl-phosphonic acid
abbr., nano directed evolution
abbr., O&G, sahk.r. Definition Engineering; desorption efficiency
abbr., O&G, sakh. destructive examination; diatomite; detailed engineering
abbr., O&G, sakh.a. driven end
abbr., phys., scient. Discrete Event
abbr., physiol. Digestible Energy
abbr., polit. Deutschland
abbr., polym. degree of elasticity; drive end; diatomaceous earth
abbr., progr. debugging extension (ssn)
abbr., progr., IT Digital Extremes
abbr., R&D. apparent digestible energy
abbr., refrig. direct expansion
abbr., scottish type abbreviation Destroyer Escort (Japan); Delaware (US state)
abbr., shipb. depth
abbr., st.exch. Deere & Company
abbr., tech. damage estimates
abbr., transp. DElayed
abbr., USA Department of Employment
abbr., winemak. dextrose equivalent (эквивалент декстрозы (в производстве спирта) baletnica)
energ.ind. data encryption
energ.ind., abbr. damage evaluation; desulphurization efficiency; discharge electrode; division of engineering; double-ended; dummy element
mil., abbr. date of extension; declared excess; defense emergency; deflection error; design evaluation; designation equipment; development estimate; digital encoder; director error; display electronics; display extension; district establishment; division equivalent; dose equivalent
O&G, abbr. decoking effluent; digital enhanced
tech. delay equalizer; diagnostic evaluation
tech., abbr. Doppler extractor; data encoder; deep etch; delay element; delocalization energy; densimeter; development engineering; diffraction efficiency; disk electrophoresis; display equipment; double ended; double extension; dual expander engine
De [dɪ-,di:,de] abbr.
abbr. effective decline rate; Dean number
abbr., mil. total drift error
energ.ind. equivalent diameter of flow channel
energ.ind., abbr. equivalent diameter; furnace equivalent diameter; hydraulic diameter
de [dɪ-,di:,de] abbr.
abbr. double entry
abbr., mil. individual drift error
~DE abbr.
abbr., file.ext. Borland C++ 4.x Project backup file
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