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ET [-it,-ət] abbr.
abbr. Eastern Telegraph (Co.); electrical transcription; electric time; electrolytical
abbr., avia. electrical turbulence
abbr., busin. Electrical Technician; elementary training; entertainment tax; estate tax
abbr., earth.sc. electrolytic
abbr., ecol. emissions trade
abbr., oil early treatment; eastern time; electro-thermal; electronic tube; electrotelluric current s; ending tape; energy transfer; engine telegraph; engineering technology; equation of time; Escanaba trough; escape trunk; express transportation
abbr., physiol. exercise tolerance (igisheva)
abbr., space enhanced terminal; external tank
abbr., sport. extra time
ET [-it,-ət] abbr.
abbr. Code of Professional Conduct; Electronic Research; Executive Training; Editor Toolkit; English translation; emerging technology; edge thickness; electrical time; Estonian; emission trading (официальный термин в Киотском протоколе Leonid Dzhepko)
abbr., astr. extraterrestrial (acrogamnon)
abbr., auto. electronic thief-proof; electronic timing; exhaust temperature
abbr., avia. electronic ticket (Alexey Lebedev); edge trimming; end thrust; endurance test; engineering time; extended trailing edge; Ethiopian Airlines
abbr., bacteriol. Eimeria tenella (igisheva)
abbr., biotechn. Early Transposon (Altuntash)
abbr., cardiol. ejection time (левожелудочковый период изгнания; период изгнания левого желудочка Ying)
abbr., clim. international emissions trading
abbr., clin.trial. early termination (досрочное завершение (исследования) Dimpassy)
abbr., ed., scient. Education Technology
abbr., el. echoplex technique; edge-triggered; electrical test (parameters); electroacoustic transducer; electronic terminal; electron temperature; electron trap; emulation technology; enable TOF interrupt; end terminal; engaged test; engaged tone; entertainment technology; equivalent term; equivalent-time sampling; exchange terminal; expert tomograph; exposure time; external transmission
abbr., electr.eng. engineering tests
abbr., file.ext. Enhancement Technology
abbr., gynecol. embryo transfer (MichaelBurov)
abbr., HF.electr. envelope tracking
abbr., IT ElectroText
abbr., med. Endotracheal Tube; Experimental Therapeutics; endothelin; electrotherapy; endotracheal; eustachian tube
abbr., meteorol. ejaculatio tarda
abbr., mil. Engineering Test; ExaByte (quintillion); electronics technician
abbr., mil., air.def. electronic test s; electronic time fuze
abbr., mil., avia. earth terminal
abbr., mil., WMD event tree
abbr., O&G, sakh. external thread
abbr., opt. ephemeris time
abbr., physiol. Enterostomal Therapy; Extremely Tired
abbr., physiol., med. And; Evapo Transpiration
abbr., polit. Ethiopia
abbr., polym. effective temperature
abbr., progr. endoscopic testing (ssn); endo-testing (ssn)
abbr., qual.cont. electromagnetic testing (IgBar)
abbr., radio ground controller approach (Leonid Dzhepko)
abbr., refrig. evaporating temperature
abbr., scient. Educational Technologies
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (Ethiopia); Electronic Timer; Embedded Trainer; Electrothermal; Ethiopia (NATO country code)
abbr., sport. Elapsed Time; Extra time в футболе или хоккее (as in "end of 1st ET" Val_Ships)
abbr., transp. Electric Traction
abbr., UN, ecol. evaluation team
abbr., vibr.monit. external termination (block modinn)
comp., abbr. exchange termination
ecol., abbr. environmental test
ecol., water.res. evapotranspiration
energ.ind., abbr. emergency transformer; energy trader; even temperature; exhaust turbine; expansion turbine
mil. estimation techniques
mil., abbr. European theater; educational training; elapsed time; electronic technology; emergency takeover; emerging technologies; employment testing; engineer training; engineering test; equipment test; equivalent training; estimated time; evaluation test; experiment test; exploratory technique; explosive technology; explosive train
railw., abbr. electric passenger trailer
tech., abbr. earliest time; eddy current test; electric telegraph; electron tube; electronics test; emergency tank; end of tape; environmental testing; executive team; extraction turbine
ET-57 abbr.
abbr. fenchlorphos
ET-1 abbr.
abbr., med. endothelin-1
et [-it,-ət] abbr.
abbr. electric typewriter; estimated; et - and
abbr., auto. except
lat. et alius
Et [-it,-ət] abbr.
abbr. ethyl
abbr., med. estradiol-17 В; ethyl group; etiology
Et. adj.
lat. Etiam ("also", "even")
polym. Cl. ethyl chloride
eT [-it,-ət] abbr.
abbr., el. electronic transaction
Et. abbr.
abbr. ethyl
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