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mit: 10970 phrases in 62 subjects
Accumulators4 Electric motors58 Information technology9 Patents123 Superconductivity6
Agriculture7 Electric traction20 Insurance1 Piezoelectric crystals1 Technology5
Antennas and waveguides17 Electricity generation10 International Monetary Fund173 Plastics1 Telecommunications7
Automatic control12 Electronics66 Isolation5 Polygraphy1 Telegraphy6
Book binding4 Energy industry1 Law8 Power electronics3 Telephony3
Cables and cable production13 Environment2 Magnetics5 Power lines9 Textile industry66
Chemistry16 European Union9666 Mathematics65 Power system protection19 Thermal Energy24
Communications1 Finances14 Medical35 Radio19 Transformers5
Dyalysis2 Footwear3 Microsoft113 Railway term9 Vacuum tubes1
Dyes1 Forestry17 Natural sciences2 Risk Management2 Welding3
Earth sciences3 General52 Nautical5 Satellite communications3
Economy218 Immigration and citizenship5 Nuclear physics11 Semiconductors3
Electric machinery4 Industry1 Occupational health & safety1 Sound recording1