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 "in" sein
gen. Быть в моде (platonio); быть в курсе; не отставать от времени; быть своим (где-л.)
in" sein: 2338 phrases in 57 subjects
Accounting1 Ironical5
Agriculture3 Labor law1
Artillery6 Law60
Automobiles1 Linguistics5
Avuncular9 Medical8
Bible1 Military31
Bookish / literary3 Navy7
Business2 Obsolete / dated4
Card games1 Officialese3
Chemistry1 Oil / petroleum1
Christianity1 Patents11
Criminal law3 Philosophy2
Disapproving1 Poetic4
Economy3 Politics2
Education8 Pompous19
Engines1 Production1
Euphemistic7 Proverb10
Figurative25 Psychology6
Figure of speech2 Quantum electronics2
Finances3 Regional usage other than language varieties2
Football1 Religion5
Foreign trade6 Rude1
Formal2 Saying3
General1818 Sewing and clothing industry1
Geology1 Shipbuilding8
Health care1 Sports21
Humorous / Jocular10 Technology1
Idiomatic40 Textile industry1