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fish.farm. ankerias
forestr. ankerias
life.sc. environ. fish.farm. ankeriaat
nat.res. fish.farm. ankerias
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patents. hyytelöt
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Aal v -(e)s, -e
fish.farm. ankerias (Anguilla anguilla, Anguilla australis, Anguilla dieffenbachii, Anguilla japonica, Anguilla rostrata, Anguillidae)
forestr. ankerias
life.sc., environ., fish.farm. ankeriaat (Anguillidae)
nat.res., fish.farm. ankerias (Anguilla anguilla)
Aale v
fish.farm. ankeriaat (Anguillidae)
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avia. American Airlines
mil. Armee-Artillerielager
Aal: 13 phrases in 3 subjects
Fish farming pisciculture11
Natural resourses and wildlife conservation1