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 Dokumentation f =, -en
gen. documentary; documentary film; record keeping
environ. documentation (Zusammenführung von Dokumenten bzw. Nachweisen); documentation The process of accumulating, classifying and disseminating information, often to support the claim or data given in a book or article
IT Documentation; system documentation
tech. documentary report
transp. publication number
 Dokumentation einschließlich Auswertung allgemeinzugänglicher Quellen f
unions. Documentation Services incl. Open Sources research
Dokumentation: 116 phrases in 32 subjects
Agriculture3 International Monetary Fund1
Archaeology3 International trade1
Art1 Labor law2
Artificial intelligence2 Law7
Biology1 Medical5
Commerce2 Microsoft1
Communications1 Natural sciences2
Cultural studies2 Non-governmental organizations1
Economy6 Patents2
Education1 Pharmacy and pharmacology4
Finances1 Politics3
Foreign trade1 Research and development2
General29 Social science4
Health care1 Technology5
Human rights activism1 Transport1
Information technology5 Work flow15