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 Dokument n -(e)s, -e
gen. document; scripture; Document
busin. paper
environ. document Material of any kind, regardless of physical form, which furnishes information, evidence or ideas, including items such as contracts, bills of sale, letters, audio and video recordings, and machine readable data files
fig. testament
IT, dat.proc. specific document instance
 Dokumente n
gen. papers
comp., MS Documents (The link to the free online workspace for accessing, editing, and sharing Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote documents across your PC, smartphone, and web browser)
 Außenhandelsgeschäft Dokumente n
law, ADR documents (Faktura. Versicherungsschein. Konnossemente etc.)
Dokument: 476 phrases in 44 subjects
Agriculture1 Human rights activism3
Alternative dispute resolution2 Immigration and citizenship15
American usage, not AmE1 Industry2
Artificial intelligence5 Information technology56
Automobiles2 Insurance1
Banking1 International law3
Business80 International Monetary Fund12
Commerce3 Law36
Communications8 Marketing2
Computer networks1 Mechanic engineering1
Criminal law1 Medical1
Cultural studies2 Metallurgy1
Customs1 Microsoft15
Economy12 Organized crime1
Electronics1 Patents6
Energy industry1 Pharmacy and pharmacology2
Environment2 Politics16
Finances11 Programming1
Foreign trade51 Statistics1
General95 Taxes2
Government, administration and public services1 Technology3
Health care2 Work flow12